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Monday, October 25, 2010

stake fun fair

And boy was it FUN! (for mommy, a little exhausting. Okay okay, a lot exhausting.) Nun the less my girl loved it and that's all that matters. We went with some friends, Kelli Marshall and her two kiddos, and we enjoyed the company! I also had the pleasure of running into my Bisbee Ward friends and it was such a treat! I love those ladies!

First stop, the animals.

Bing bag toss. A classic and never gets old.

G loved her snow cone! Yummie watermelon!

Mommy's handsome boy!


ed and kelli said...

so very fun. glad gemma was there to help me corral mack:) and little V, well he's just fun to look at being so dang cute and all:)

Lorel said...

That little girl sure is home on the farm isn't she? I know that her grandpa sure misses her and her mommy and little brother.