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Thursday, October 27, 2011

i've got style

has it really been a week already since the first post of "i've got style"! holy smokes! time is really flying.

well, here's to week 2!

cardi ~ Target
blue and white striped button up ~ Target
white under shirt ~ Down East Basics
boyfriend jeans ~ American Eagle
flats ~ H&M
ear rings ~ Payless
bracelets ~ American Eagle

BTW, i LOVE H&M. awesome clothes not only for you but for your hubbies and kidlets too! amazing prices! next time you go shopping stop by H&M first! foshizle!!

into one

SoCute Design, Who's Hungry and so it goes are now combined into one! Sheesh, that makes things SO much easier.

5 ingredient crusted salmon

i made this last night

here's what you'll need:

3/4 C parmesan cheese
2t paprika
1T flat leaf parsley
4 salmon or talapia
1 lemon cut into wedges

preheat oven to 400. in shallow pan combine cheese, paprika and parsley and add salt and pepper to taste. drizzle fish with olive oil. dunk in mixture and cover both sides of fish. place on foil covered sheet and bake 10-12 minutes. serve with lemon wedge on the side.

 it was quit delicious and quick and simple which i like.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

please meet....

meet Nemo. (i personally think he's a fred) but it's the kids fish and Gemma loves Nemo.
he's actually been kind of fun to have. well, as much fun as a fish can be.
he's fun to watch swim around and i probably like him more than my kids.

something interesting about Nemo is he try's to attack pens. i tease him because it's so darn funny! his gills fan out and makes him look more intimidating and his fins span out looking bigger and then he plows head first with mouth open at the side of his tank.

sounds mean i know so i only tease him when someone comes over and hasn't seen his trick. ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

i've got style

 i do not have style. (im a mother of a 1 and almost 3 year olds. yes that is my excuse) i never know what to buy or what will look good on me but since my SIL kim has lived with us, i have an idea now. she reaks of style and is a SUPER babe!

once a week i will post "i've got style" of something i have worn with all the fun details like where i got it to help me get some sense of what to where. (and hopefully, it will be stylish and worthy of your liking)

so, first time is kind of rusty because i have no excessories or shoes on. (i went NO WHERE this day)

knit sweater - American Eagle
grey and white strip tank - Target
skinny jeans - American Eagle

i have some simple off-white fabric flats from H&M and UBER cute brown boots from Payless that look fabulous with this outfit!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

the kidlets

I cant get enough of these dumplings!

Monday, October 17, 2011

New York & Utah

I did it! I went to NY! With the help of my mother who took my kiddos for the week so I could go and my cousin Danny letting me hang out with him, I had a FABULOUS time!
My first day there we took the train from Albany to NYC bright and early! No joke I was running on 2 hours of sleep the entire time in NYC.  I survived though! Except for the time I almost died on the subway. It was our stop and the doors only opened for a few seconds, drove on and then stopped and opened again so I booked it to the doors and they started closing. Thinking they worked like elevator doors I squeezed through them as they closed on me. Literally. Well, I became stranded on the streets of NYC while Danny was on the subway. What's a vacation without a little adventure, right?!
Needless to say we found each other.
The rest of the week was spent relaxing, walking around down town Saratoga, rock climbing, and hanging out with some friends.

Museum of Natural History. Very cool place and A MUST if any of you ever go to NYC.

 Ground zero/ memorial center/new building

Danny Boy and I

The closest we ever got to the Statue

Rock climbing was AWESOME!

 After NY, I went up to Utah to hang out with my family and kidlets.

 Bubbs first hair cut thanks to cousin Amanda!

Watering the horses

Riding Gemma's mini horse

Splashing in the troph

Must eats in NYC: John's pizza- you'll never have better tasting pizza than this place!
and the Shake Shack- AMAZING burgers, frys and shakes!