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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Much to my Surprise...

My family and I got to dine over a thanksgiving feast with some of our favorite Disney characters! Yes, im most definitely bragging.

Mr. S and my parents kept this Disney adventure a secret for 3 months and I still had no clue until we were half way to Yuma.

My kids didn't know what Disneyland was all about so I was very thrilled to share this experience with them. 

We played all weekend long. There was literally no sleep being had and our feet were numb. Having to go home and back to reality, was painful and depressing. It really is the happiest place ever.

After we feasted, we took the kids around to meet the characters.

And finished turkey day with Santa, fireworks on main street, and a little snow. It was truly magical!

The next morning we had reservation at Goofy's Kitchen where Disney characters visit each table to sign autograph books and take pictures. And breakfast was filled with lots and lots of sugar. Thanks Goofy!

This is exactly how we all looked and felt each morning and perhaps at the end of every night. Its just Brynlee is the only one that looked adorable.

Now, I will overload you with parade pics because im still on a Disneyland high.

I have many more memories from this magical Thanksgiving weekend and for that, I am grateful!
I can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First day of School

You guys! I have a Kindergartener.....
AND and pre-schooler!!!

I got a headache on Gemma's first day trying to hold back from sobbing everywhere in front of everyone.

Im grateful she got into this school. Praying for a successful and happy school year for my Gem.

Walking in line with her class to flag ceremony.

Sending my babe off into the big scary world. (Or so it feels.)

Vance has Pre-K twice a week and unfortunately, I have an hour to kill between drop offs. (It's killing me because it's not worth the commute back home and then back out again.)

So we sat in the CVS parking lot and shared cupcakes on his very first day of school!

His back pack kills me!

That very fake lizard gets me every time. Just sits right outside the class room door.

So proud of my kids who are growing up WAY to fast.

Been pondering a lot lately the things as their mother I should teach them. I believe the greater influence  comes from the home if you let it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I have my very own Paramedic

This one time, Mr. S graduated with flying colors with his Paramedic.
And the only picture I'm aloud to post is this one. And that really bums me out.

Im super proud of my guy.

And I super love this sign right outside of the Hub restaurant and ice creamery.
Which is super delicious btw.

(All I can think about, is how awesome a photo shoot during the day here would be.) 

4th of July


As usual we headed to our towns Star Spangled Spectacular.
And as usual it was awesome.

And free. (minus food)

Im sure it was just like all ya'lls 4th celebration.

And no matter how hard they play or late they stay up, they are up at the butt crack of dawn.
In all their loud glory.

And so it will go next year.  ;)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Heaton Family Reunion 2014

Do you love family reunions?
Because I LOVE family reunions.
Its not very often that I get to go to one.

    Because they are always far.
    I usually have to travel that distance ALONE with 3 young babes.

I get to go to another one at the end of July.  Another long drive, but Mr. S will be tagging along. (Can I get a HALLELUJAH?!)

I surprised my parents by showing up a day early which left a whole entire day to play before getting cold and dirty in the mountains.

Grandpa knows just how to have fun.
A day at the Aquarium with cousins.
AND a movie after. How to train your Dragon II.

Honestly, Grandpa's kind of amazing.

Sharks are incredibly cool. And bubba's would agree.

Let the camping commence! That's just kinda how we roll in the Heaton Fam.

3 nights and 4 days. 
In the woods.
The freezing cold woods just above Sundance.


(Uncle Rick and Aunt Ashlie)

I slept in my tent on the first night.
Thank goodness my parents had a trailer! This Arizona girl and her little gecko's would have froze.

On Sunday, the day was spent on an exhausting but gorgeous 2 mile hike to Stewart Falls.

It was incredible! 

Im a pretty lucky girl to have been able to enjoy it with my babes.

What did I tell ya? Majestic! 

There's this game we play. I have know idea what it's called. But it's always a huge family tournament.

No prizes. Just the pure satisfaction of placing high.
Im not very good, but with my rocking team mate Katie, we took 3rd. (or maybe it was 4th?) I'll stick with 3rd....  Zach, I have 2 words - "BOOM baby!!"

Our last day on the mountain it started to rain as we broke down camp and drove out......

.....and it ended like this. Snow covered mountains and all of us finally showered and cozy in sweaters, thankful we didn't get snowed on in the mountains.

I could live here forever.