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Thursday, November 10, 2011


1. You have THE best smile!
2. Your laugh is infectious
3. You love me unconditionally
4. You are always prepared
5. You are careing
6. I love the way you walk!
7. You are the kids BIGGEST FAN
8. You have an answer for everything
9. Quick to help those in need
10. You've got gorgeous eyes!
11. You are always striving to be better
12. For the example you set
13. The way your sisters ADORE you
14. How your brothers want to grow up to be just like you
15. You are the HERO in our childrens eyes
16. You are my protector
17. You are my lover
18. You are my best friend
19. Your kissing is melting
20. Your patience is NEVER ending
21. The confidence in your faith amazes me
22. You are smart!
23. You are tender
24. You are dedicated to the things you want most
25. You put your family first
26. You are passionate in your beliefs
27. Quick to make friends
28. Your hands are super SEXY!
29. Full of surprises
30. You can ROCK a beard like no other!
31. Quit the handsome fellow
32. Your teeth are AMAZINGLY perfect
33. Some how you always smell good
34. You're a leader NOT a follower
35. You are confident in ALL you do and are
36. I love your sense of adventure
37. Your B.U.T.T. can rock any jean!
38. Your humor is a crack up
39. I love how tall you are
40. You still give me the warm fuzzies
41. You think I'm "Smoke'n"
42. The respect you have for your parents
43. You served a mission
44. You still LOVE taking me out
45. You know what is important
46. You're an optimist
47. You succeed in ALL you do
48. You're a loving father
49. You're such a handy-man
50. You're a pretty amazing mechanic
51. You want me to be happy
52. You seem to know exactly what to say


It's strange to think that I've only known you for 6 years and have been married just over 5 years out of the 28 years of your life. It feels like I've known you forever.

Happy 28 years of life to you, Babe! I love you and I'm proud to call you mine!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

i've got style (IGS)

week 3!

i didn't feel like dressing up with layers or accessories so i kept it simple. i LOVE simple!
so simple in fact that i didn't even do my hair when i got out of the shower. i used to hate my curly/wavy hair when i was younger. i've realized now that it is actually very low maintenance.
so all you curlied hair gals, embrace those lovely locks!!

sweater ~ Old Navy
jeans ~ AE
boots ~ Payless

that's it! i rolled my jeans up to create the illusion that i had stockings on with the 2 tone colores. 
anywho, accessorize what you will with this outfit! scarves, necklaces, bracelets, rings. it really is limitless. 

SoCute Design presents...

these lovelies are infant size 0-3 months to be precise!
they are very simple and delicate. perfect for any baby girl!

the holidays or just around the corner! come and check out!