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Sunday, August 26, 2012

What Im Listening too

I love music. 
Like a lot.
My fantasy is to master the guitar and play and sing on roof tops with intimate crowds.
(True story.)

Here are some tunes that I'm into right now.

I love these boys. Like, I'd like to make out with every single one.
While they sing to me. 

From this album I purchased:
"I Will Wait"

From there album, Sigh No More, I purchased:
"Little Lion Man"

Love her sound. I literaly just discovered her on FB like 10 minutes ago. 
She was a contestant on "The Voice".

From her album, Red, I purchased:
"Daniel" & "Trapeze"

What do you listen too?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I Wore

Oh, a long time ago I started IGS (i've got style) to help me dress better. Because lets face it, I have no idea how to dress myself. Thank goodness I have quit a few sisters who are fashionistas! 

Anywho, I've picked it back up except with a new name, What I Wore (wiw). Hopefully I'll be fashionable to post something once a week. 

red skinnies - Target
white T - Target
grey tank - Target
flops - AE

Gemma was super cute in her school clothes today. I HAD to share. Let's call it, What Gem Wore.

striped shirt - H&M
mint skinnies - Target
flops - Old Navy
belt - H&M

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mr. S a Superhero

Just like all superheros Mr. S heroically dawns on his uniform and embarks out into the unknown to the rescue of those who are lost and in most cases on the brink of death. And as is the hero way, he is horribly misunderstood and sadly hated by many with no credit to his name.

Mr. S is not alone however. There are many that brave the uniform and duties that follow with such a responsibility. I have had the pleasure on occasion to witness a very small part of this heroism before he walks out the front door hopefully to the rescue before it's too late.

Countless hours are spent away from his family in training to be his very best. To do his very best to save those in need. He risks his own life for the life of another. A total stranger.

I am so unbelievably proud of Mr. S. He does so much and expects so little in return. I'm proud of his comrades who are exactly the same. They do so much and SO much more.

Would you like to know what Mr. S does? You can go Here and get a very small idea of what it is he does.

He's a superhero to me.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting a face lift

Hey everyone! Im getting ready to give my ol' blog a major face lift and that includes a NEW domain name!

Starting Monday it will be changed. For those of you that follow me or like the occasional read, you will have to save the changes as well. You will no longer be able to reach this blog with

The new domain name will be......... DRUM ROLL PLEASE........

Don't forget, MONDAY, this will be the new domain name!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1st day of school

It happened. Gemma got all growed up on me. Today was her very first day of school! She's been looking forward to this for a few months now. In fact I used it as bribery to invoke good behavior.
Im pretty certain that when she wakes up in the morning, she'll have a melt down that there isn't any school. She only goes Tuesday/Thursdays, 9-11:30.

By the way, she LOVED it!

Honestly, can you have too many pictures to document this day? I think not. I mean, look at that face.

Trying to give her kisses. Apparently she's to old for that now.

When I took her into her class and hugged her good-bye, I got a little choked up (typical). But there were no tears. So HA! However, when kindergarten/ 1st grade rolls around, I'll be bringing the bucket. Gem was pretty excited to give Ms. Dana her gift.

11:30 rolled around really fast. Bubbs was passed out in the car when I walked in to pick up my girl. This is Gems teacher Ms. Dana and her class mates finishing up Show-n-Tell. While she sat there, and I was beaming from ear to ear, she hiked her pointer finger up into her nose. As I watched her dig for gold, I prayed she would not eat it. Well, I think we all know what happened.... such a proud moment..... :/

Im so excited to see her grow in this new chapter of life. (Hopefully with less booger eating.)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Homemade Lotion

My baby is all growed up and has her FIRST day of pre-school tomorrow morn! Can you believe it?! In light of the school season, Gemma and I thought it would be a great idea to make her teacher a gift. 

(I gotta make my baby standout)

Homemade Lotion!

Here's how:

You will need:

15 oz baby lotion 
(if you want a little color, use pink baby lotion)
7.5 oz vaseline
two 4 oz vitamin E cream
A cute jar of sorts
Whisk or beaters

Dump everything into a mixing bowl. 
Whip until creamy and vaseline is no longer lumpy.

You're probably thinking why make lotion out of lotion? That's exactly what I asked my mother who gave me the recipe and here's why. Its super creamy and a little on the oily side, but once you rub it in, you will feel so soft! Plus the vitamin E cream is great for your skin. And I promise you wont feel like a greased up stripper pole for long.

 This recipe yields 4 of these cute little babies. They are wonderful inexpensive gifts or maybe you're next YW's activity? Decorate how you will and ENJOY.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

the real reason for August 1st

What I'm gonna say I say sincerely and hope that I don't offend, but I believe so many are missing the very reason why so many people went out in support of Chick-fil-a. This was not an anti-gay protest. The owner was asked what his beliefs are and he answered. He then was chastised for those beliefs by being told that he couldn't bring his business into the town and then important leaders and media told the public not to eat there. What if this was flipped? What if the owners were gay marriage supporters? What if the Mayor found out and said that they couldn't bring there franchise here because of there beliefs? Is not both situations of this story incredibly discriminating?

 Again I say that this was NOT AT ALL about anti-gays. It was about the First Amendment of the Constitution. The owner was in NO WAY incorporating his religion into his business. He NEVER said that he hated gays. He NEVER said he wouldn't serve gays. He DOES NOT have signs around his business saying that if you're gay we don't want your business. He isn't passing out bibles and telling his costumers you better believe what I believe or you don't get your chicken sandwich. I have to say the hypocrisy here is astounding. And a little shocked by the blindness of those who choose not to see what this was really all about. 

I would support any one whether they be gay, straight, black, white, etc if they were being discriminated against because of there beliefs and I think its safe to say that most everyone that were out supporting Chick-fil-a on wednesday would do the very same thing.

(Those who feel the need to comment, I ask that you refrain from vulgar and hateful statements. This is a family blog and not once have I been hateful towards you. Thank you)

2012 family shoot

We had our family pictures done by a good friend of mine. She's pretty darn good too. (obviously.) I seriously love them all and can't pick any one favorite so you know, here's 13 of them. ;)

Yes, Mr. S looks like he is chewing his cud. He didn't spit out his gum!

Thanks Tara! They are fabulous!