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Monday, August 29, 2011

15 months!

Can't believe V is 15 months already!

Wt: 26lbs 2oz (70%)
Ht: 32.5" (90%)
Hc: 18.6" (50%)

Words he speaks are bath, brush, bye, dada, no, hi, hot and yeah.
When Gemma get's sent to timeout, he loves to walk over and give her a scolding. Seriously the funniest thing when he does.
He's got HIGH ENERGY! I don't know how I keep up. Loves to wrestle and eat!
He helps mommy clean up his toys and he is a total monkey climbing on anything and everything!
Oh, and he loves to give a good tickle with sound affects and all.

Seriously LOVE this boy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

is it a mom thing or what?

A few months ago my cousin propositioned me with an all expense paid trip minus half a plane ticket to NY! Of course I said you've got a deal. Who would pass something up like that?! I've always wanted to go and Vance has no desire what so ever to make it there , so why not?!

I purchased that darn ticket last night and I feel like im going to throw up. I have never left on my own personal mini vacay before. I feel guilty and selfish because we are trying to buy a house and other things; worried for my kids, husband and everything about the flight; undeserving because it makes me feel like a bad mom. The list goes on and on. I have asked Vance so many times if he's okay with me going. Of course he is. Pluse he too gets a week without kids in towe. Thanks Momma, btw.

A small part of me is really excited though! No responsibilities or obligations to anyone but myself for a whole week! I have forgotten what that feels like.

I did spend the $16 on insurance just in case my feelings get the best of me. I hope not but i usually lose when im shopping so who knows.