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Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's not about the pants

Did you here about the women and their pants?

I sure did and to be honest, I was completely disgusted with these Sisters and a few men.

If you aren't sure what I'm referring too, THIS is the article I read when I first found out about it. After I read it and gave my 2 cents to Mr. S, I quickly forgot it and didn't think much of it. Sunday came around and as I was looking through Instagram I came across one of Mindy Gledhill's photos of her wearing pants to church. Now, I love Mindy Gledhill and her music and I dont want you to get the impression I'm trying to bash on such a beautiful and talented woman. But, I was surprised and a bit disappointed. I do not know her own personal reasons as to why she wore her pants and supported this movement so I will not judge but I was very surprised to find out that her Bishop supported these women by wearing a purple tie.

To say I was upset would be a total understatement. Such influential people who are apart of the LDS community supporting something that creates such an untrue and awful image of my faith, my religion, everything I hold sacred, had me on fire.

To try and understand where they are coming from I read a few blogs which you yourselves can read by going to C.Jane Kendrick's blog and HERE.

I read both along with links they provided and the comments that were left behind each post. (Oh the comments are good.) I also posted this on my FB this past Sunday:

"I'm having a hard time grasping this "wear pants to church" thing that happened today. This cry for womens equality within the church I believe in most ways is absurd. I read a few blogs and articles written by women who are apart of this movement to try and understand, and what I got out of it is that they are trying to challenge the Lord whether they think they are or not. In some ways I get the argument "Our kids are just as much of my husbands responsibility as they are mine." or " My husband should do more around the house. He lives here too and im not his mother." In those instances, they are a personal matter and should be taken up with your spouse or bishop, etc. But, the ones that believe women should have the priesthood, and that leaders of the church are apparently "against" women, etc, etc., are striking agains the Lord. They are missing the picture and falling into Satan's trap. These bloggers say they arent trying to cause contention. Maybe they really dont mean to, but guess what? It is. And to bring this political cry into sacrament meeting, into our church buildings, is contentious whether you say so or not. To find out that some bishops wore purple ties in support of this movement shocks me and confuses me. I do not understand it."

I had quit a few reply's some of which I'd like to share: (unnamed out of respect)

"sometimes I think the church puts a little too much emphasis on women are responsible for giving birth and raising children. When I was going through infertility, church was painful every single week because of this. Church should bring us joy and all it brought me was pain. To be told that women were designed to have children, but then to have a body that could never have children felt like God was telling me I shouldn't have children. That couldn't be further from the truth, but that is how church felt to me. If it was more about personal growth, instead of focusing so much on becoming a mother, then church would have been a lot happier for me. 

I get why this can make people upset. It may feel like they are attacking you. But really, I think they just want to see a change. Sometimes change is good. Without it, my half black son would not be able to hold the priesthood. So, while you may not feel this change is important, it is really important to others."


"Since the crowning ordinance is marriage, and the way into the celestial kingdom is with your spouse, we are to go through this life and the next with your partner. I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong) but as a wife of a priesthood holder, you have access to use his preisthood as well. I have heard stories of women giving blessings in cases where no priesthood was available. This might be delving into to too deep of doctrine so I'll just finish by saying, even the most righteous priesthood holder cannot enter into the celestial kingdom alone. He must have a wife. We are meant to be equal partners albeit just with different responsibilities and roles to fill. To me this whole pants at church protest thing is a symptom of some deeper misunderstandings of gospel principles."

Guess what folks? I still dont understand. 

However, I would like to share Mom the Intern's take on the whole thing. It was beautiful and better than I could ever have written something. Jenna also references a blog by a feminist herself who has a very interesting take filled with what I believe are great truths. I urge you to read both. Especially after reading the first 3 links mentioned previously.

Its not about the pants. The pants were just the outward sign. I dont care what anyone wears to church. We are only asked to wear our Sunday best. What urks me is the belief "women should have the priesthood, or be called to an apostleship, or be a bishop". To me that is a lack of testimony and faith in the Lord who's Gospel it is. 

At the end of the day, this "Feminist movement" wrings so unbelievably wrong in my heart. You may disagree. That's fine. And to those women who feel discriminated agains by the church because of your gender, I hope you find your answers and the joy that I have for being part of such a church.

Too those who dont know much about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I urge you to go  HERE and HERE before you form your opinion because of a select few.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A tribute

Came across this on my FB feed. Thought I'd share because of how touching it is. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A mid-night snack

This night, I had been up in Mesa shooting a wedding while a good friend of mine watched my babes. I   finally picked them up and we didn't get home until after midnight. On the ride home my kids were trying to stay awake and telling me how hungry they were. I was so worn out and just wanted to go get into my bed. Instead, I took the opportunity to do something a little fun that I knew my kids would love. I picked all 3 of us up some good 'ol McDonalds. Who doesn't love a good midnight snack/meal?

We took our food home, watched some recorded Dora, and enjoyed the moment. 

When the end of the day rolls around, I'm always rushing to try and get my kids to bed so I can have a moment to breathe and just be alone. I discovered this night how much I actually love and enjoy just simply being with my kids. (That kind of sounds awful, but dont take it the wrong way.) My day is filled with screaming, crying, fighting, chasing, disciplining, an occasional good moment here and there, etc, etc. but it's overwhelming and it's hard.

That is why I love this moment. Everyone sat and ate, got along, laughed and talked, and my kids enjoyed each other and the moment. 

So, Im very grateful I stopped for a little midnight treat. I hope my kids will remember the little things such as this.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I wore

I guess its been a little while, sorry. Not that you're all anxiously waiting to find out what I've been wearing or anything. I wish I was that cool. ;)

Scarf ~ H&M
White shirt ~ Target
Floral skinnies ~ Target
Ugg imitators ~ Payless
Earrings ~ Payless (i think)

Have a Merry Christmas!