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Thursday, May 31, 2012

he's 2

My baby isn't a baby anymore. Vance Gabriel Smith turned 2 May 28th! We didn't have a party, that will be later next week, but I decided to let him run wild and get really dirty. He loved it. Though I had a hard time trying to get him in the mud hole. Seriously, it took a while.

Nude is his new style these days.

We had his bday dinner on Wednesday since Daddy would be home with us from work to celebrate. Texas Roadhouse I think is gonna be a birthday tradition for my kids. We took Gemma for her bday in January.

He loved it!

Tried to get these two to kiss but as you can see Gem wasn't interested AT ALL. Who can resist them fish lips! I sure can't.

Happy Birthday Bubba boy!! We love and are so proud of you! You truly are our little miracle.

Monday, May 28, 2012

moon sand

Pinterest has saved me or should I say, has saved my kids. So many fun and easy activities to try which means this momma has no excuse. First on our list to attempt and might I add succeeded, was moon sand or cloud dough as some call it.

It was a hit! The saplings loved it! It molds so easily so building castles is a piece of cake. I even joined in on the fun and got my hands dirty. :)

Heres what you need:
-a plastic bin
-baby oil

Mix with your hands 8 cups of flour and 1 cup baby oil until mixture is moldable. That's it! Easy! It even smells good because of the oil.

Next time we make this I plan on doubling the recipe for double the fun!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

he's a boy indeed, indeed!

I'm a firm believer in the fact that not only what's between my sons legs makes him a boy, but also the way he is chemically wired screams "I'm a boy, here me ROAR!". Does that make sense? So the media and the world can shove it when they try and tell me that my child doesn't know what he is yet. Anyway, i could go on and on about this little rant, but this isn't quit what this post is about.

It's about the new craze this little guy is in. Which to me is ALL boy.


I hate them. I hate when I have to kill them when the hubs isn't home. AND I hate, that my son loves them.

I had a friend of mine over the other day and vance comes running in, "Mommy mommy a bug a bug!" What was in his hand makes me wanna vomit just a little bit. It was the cutest little dead cockroach you ever did see. And the way he was holding it, you would think he thought the same thing. You know how ya hold a little pet mouse? When you gently wrap your hand around it's entire body letting its little fuzzy head peak out the top? That's exactly how I'd say he was holding it.

He's VERY good at spotting the bugs in our house too. I don't know how he finds them and i'd bet they're wondering the same thing.

When we go to church we try to avoid the ants at all cost because if we don't, we would miss sacrament just trying to get Vance inside the building.

I don't know why, but we have a huge fly problem. We open the back door once to go out to play and there will be 20+ flys rushing inside my house. As I type I feel like a horse being pestered by them stink'n flys. It's enough to make you wanna cus. Vance however, is so completely fascinated by them all. I caught him in the window the other day poking the dead ones with his pointer finger and every time one stuck to that little finger he'd come show me. Today though, when he was caught again in the window, I noticed a little wing on his upper chest. Then I looked up at his face and noticed some cute itty bitty legs on his lips. I looked at him with a kind of "why..." look on my face and asked, "Did you eat the dead flys in the window?" And with that cute face he looked at me and nodded yes as he sad, "uh-ha." So of course I asked, "Did they taste good?" and he nodded and said, "uh-ha."

I have a feeling there will be many more adventures with this kid, that I'll probably never be ready for, as most mothers with little boys have experienced. But he keeps me on my toes and teaches me a lot. I love him.

He is ALL boy indeed, indeed.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

please adopt


Her name is Sadie. She is a sweet heart and great with kids, young and old.
She is potty and kennel trained. Sadie is a black lab and weimarainer mix. Almost a year old. Resides in the Tucson, Az area.

At this time our home is busy and she isn't getting the attention she needs. We'd like to find her a good home soon. 

Contact Heather at 480-567-4906 or leave me comment.



Hey all you bloggers. Lets play a game shall we?


It's hard for me to get out of bed and start the day.

I'm reminded of how much I love having my husband Vance home. Especially when he leaves on week long camps for work and I'm left with two kiddos in "lets always fight and hit" stage and "Poop everywhere" stage. (as i type this, my bare naked son just told me he pooped outside as he's covered in it.)

I feel self-conscious when  my skin is anything less than perfect. (i know, how vain of me.)

I am mildly dishonest when I make a big purchase for myself and the hubs asks how much. 

I can't imagine a world without modern technology and conveniences. I honestly don't think I'd survive.

I'm surprised that I still have abdominal separation after 2 kids. The youngest being 2 at the end of this month. My stomach muscles are just to darn stubborn i guess. Seriously, i have moments where i look pregnant. (i've been asked) 

I get a little too easily wrapped up in my iPhone and lightroom. Kids and hubs suffer sometimes.

I indulge in guilty pleasures like frozen bag of kitkat bars in one evening. yep.

I wish all things in life were as wonderful as the moment and feelings of welcoming a new baby into the world.

Your turn! Copy-paste the above and leave the bolded, pink part. Change my answers to fit you. Then, leave me a link to your "Sometimes" post in the comments! It'll be fun to see who follows.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a wedding - part 2

After all the hustle and bustle a wedding can bring, most of us headed to Canon City, Co and played our remaining vacation away. My kids, adults included hardly got a wink of sleep our entire stay.

As is the Smith way, and is almost a sin to not dirt bike when together. Honestly, I don't think we've ever not dirt biked. It took my kiddos a bit to warm up to the idea of riding but towards the end they were practically begging. They loved it and we all had a total blast!

I love this guy. I crush his smile. Well, I crush all of him, but oh his smile...

Poor Janai. Gemma had so much fun with her that she wouldn't let Janai put her down. Im sure she was worn out and would have loved to have done something else but she was a super aunt!

Vance and his Momma. She's pretty much amazing and did lots with her grand babies. (It was wonderful)

Sister of the bride, Kim whom is a work-o-holic and i never see anymore and her boy Brad.

And to finish it all off, we did some quick rock climbing and I mean quick. Above is Steve setting the line and then I went up right after him and then we hiked back down to our cars and headed to a BBQ. See, really quick.

Maybe its just me and the fact he's been gone a week for work, but seriously, he's so hot. Yes?

Friday, May 11, 2012

a wedding - part one

Meet Robyn.

The lovely bride NOW wife to the handsome and lucky man Luke Phillips. (Not sure why I don't have a picture of the cute couple.) They married on my anniversary of April 14th and it was quit a party. Really it  was, we danced our hearts out! Well, most of us. Vance was bashful until the end where, with the help of Steve, accomplished a pretty awesome back flip.

Im sorry, but is he not THE cutest dressed kid you ever did see?! Im surprised he kept that hat on as long as he did.

My dearest Gemma had me wanting to tare my hear out before all the shenanigans. She cried and cried and wouldn't get dressed to save her life. Finally, she passed out so Vance and I just headed to the Temple for the Sealing and hoped she'd make it dressed with the rest of the kids to the Denver Temple.

Finally, after all that stress of getting so many people showered and dressed, we all got loose and boogied. Including my little ones. Not even exaggerating, from the time the music started, v did not stop moving until it completely ended. He is my groovy boy and will always love a good beat.

My bashful husband. I tried so hard to get him out on the dance floor to bust some moves. Granted he did dance. Ill give him some credit. But when called out into the middle of the dance circle, he totally chickened. Couldn't believe it. Love you babe.

My twirly girl! She loves twirling.

Ambreigh knows how to rock it too. She's a darling little groover and I think V at times felt like he had to step it up a notch. These 2 cousins don't see enough of each other and it kind-a makes me sad. I always loved growing up playing with my cousins.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Im kind of really behind, I know. But I haven't had a computer in sometime. Our Ward didn't have anything planned for easter this year so we had our egg hunt in our dirty unfinished backyard. The kids loved it just the same. 

This year Gemma was super helpful in making sure her brother had plenty of eggs for himself. She really can be a sweet heart.

The Easter Bunny came to our house after our afternoon naps due to the fact church is early in the morning and Gem and I didn't get back from the Easter Pageant until 12:00am.

Monday, May 7, 2012

new camera and the lizard

Back in March I gifted myself a Canon Rebel T3! I have no clue how to really use the darn thing and it's a bit overwhelming. I hope to have it mastered someday.  This day though I thought I'd give it a try for a mini shoot in my backyard when a lizard had my kids totally distracted. Especially Gemma.

She was totally heart broken that she couldn't catch it. There was nothing I could do to make it better so I just took pictures of the whole meltdown.

Gem finally gave up to her dismay. She tried and tried though to get that lizard.