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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Things I don't want to forget

It was kind of a rough morning today. Every morning is, really. But you and your brother just couldn't get along as I tried to get you all dressed and out the door for pre-school and park day. The car ride out was quit pleasant though. Thankfully.

As I pulled up in front of your school and helped you out of the car, for the first time ever, you were adamant about walking to your class ALL BY YOURSELF. As your mom, seeing you be so independent at the age of 4, I was totally broken hearted about it. Truth be told I don't want you to grow up. You are just too precious to me. All parents want their kids to grow up and be independent to take care of themselves and make good choices. And I love watching you learn and grow. But it's going to be bitter-sweet for me to see you grow into an independent, beautiful young lady whom I know without a doubt I will be so proud of.

You my dear sweet boy, say and do some of the cutest and funniest things. Just out of know where. As we drove your sister to school, the radio played, "Bringing Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake. In part of the song it says, "Are you ready?" Every time that was sung, you would reply, "I'm ready!" You couldn't see it, but I had the biggest smile. I love you for all the cute things you don't even realize you do.

As evening rolled around, the two of you helped me water the plants, and you Gemma girl, had the genius idea to sing to our flowers to help them grow. And you know what? I think it worked. I love you for your sweet and thoughtful acts you share with others. Always concerned for someone else. My heart melts with how amazing you and bubba are. I am one blessed momma.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sundays are Sweetest

You came into my room like you always do after you wake from a nap. Found me still sleeping, where you fussed wanting me to wake. Your sister was out cold and my head was still aching. I could see in your eyes that you'd go back to sleep if I could coax you into bed with me. You climbed in, snuggled in next to me and you were out. As was I. With every move you made I would wake, as mothers often do. I rolled into you and nestled my face into your neck loving this very moment. 

You moved again cradling your arm around my face, hand on my cheek, still asleep. And you stayed that way always making sure you were touching me with every restless move you made. I was in love. Completely content. 

Then you, my dearest Gem, woke and came crawling in next to me. Though from that moment we woke and never went back to sleep. We laid there, all 3 of us for a brief moment and I, well I was the happiest I had been all week. 

Oh my dearest darlings. How much I love you both. Never wavering, always growing. 

I live and breathe each and every day for you.


(Snap shot from that moment)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Utah trip

 Just some highlights from our 3 week stay in Utah via Instagram (@hthrbug).

  This was their first flight. It was horrendous for this momma.

First thing they did when we got to grandma greats from the airport. They LOVE the snow.

Played with cousins our age.

Hit up the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. It was pretty awesome. I would recommend it.

Enjoyed the sunny weather while it lasted.

Did LOTS of shopping everywhere. Particularly at City Creek. (Love that place. Next time I will go alone.)

Played in the BIG snow flakes for like 15 minutes. Then froze to death.

Between these highlights were ear infections, vomiting, and abscessed teeth = super cranky kiddos.
Thanks Mom for the help!

To see more shots taken with my Canon rebel go HERE