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Monday, November 26, 2012

Blogger is NOT FREE

Blogger now wants to charge me to upload photos because apparently I've reached my quota of 1 free GB of downloads. Um, I thought blogger was free?! I've tried adding another author, and nothing. Who has figured out a way around this?????? My SIL uploads her images via URLs but how do I create a URL for my photos??

Seriously upset! And really need some help figuring this out!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A sunday drive

The Marshall's invited us to tag along for a sunday drive up to Mt. Lemmon for burgers and dogs. Of course we went, especially since the weather had been particularly freezing lately. We had a hunch there'd be snow. And well, we were right.

After we played a bit, we decided to head up to the tippy top where there is an itty bitty town with an amazing little cookie cafe that serves delicious pizza and of course cookies. All the spots to BBQ our burgers and dogs were closed for some stupid reason.

These girls have known each other since baby-hood and of course my little man needed some of the action.

Not quit sure why this photo is so pixelated because its a great picture of all of us smiling. But thanks Kelli for the shot.

After we parted at the little restaurant, my little family decided to stop down the mountain a ways to take some candid shots. Ok, so it was really just my idea but it was gorgeous out and my kids are just so darn cute, PLUS I was thinking Christmas cards.

It was a great day. 

(Wanna see more photos, head on over to my photo blog by clicking the link up above.)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

What I'm listening too

I have some what of a story to tell with the first 2 albums. My friend Rachel and her now husband Zach and I went to Tempe to see these guys play. Neither of us knew who they were, it was just fun to go to a club and here some good music. Also during this time, my friends were trying to hook me and my now husband Mr. S up. We had only really met once or twice so I invited him to come along. He declined. Once again, I felt like the awkward 3rd wheal. Rachel and Zach were falling in love and there I was standing alone making flirting looks to each good-looking musician that walked on stage. Secretly hoping for an awesome make-out session with each one.

Anywho.... Matt Kearney was amazing. When I saw him live it was just him and his acoustic guitar and he rocked it. I feel that not many can pull off live stage singing very well but he is definitely the exception. 
Songs I've purchased:
~Where We Gonna Go from Here
~Hey Momma

I enjoyed these guys too. I thought the lead singer was a dream to look at and there music not to shabby.
Songs I've purchased:
~Bittersweet Memory
~Part of Your History
~Lucky to Know You

I'm kind of in love with this British redhead, I'm not gonna lie. Everyone pretty much knows him but I hadn't heard of him. The song, The A Team, was one of my favorites to here on the radio but I hadn't a clue who the singer was. 
He's really really good and I love his unique sound.
Songs I've purchased:
~The A Team
~Small Bump

 I was meandering Youtube videos of joe-shmoe singers singing covers and what not (because I'm a nerd like that) and found this one girl singing a song called Jolene. I thought it was kind of beautiful, her composition of it, and had to find the original. Once again, I hadn't ever heard of this guy Ray Lamontagne. I did however know his song Trouble from off the radio. Which is another great song, btw. I love his scruffy-ness and find him hot in a hippy mountain man kind of way. Just look him up and you'll see what I'm talking about. (or maybe I'm just weird). His sound is awesome and even Mr. S loves him.
Songs I've purchased:

And there you have it.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Gemma's pre-school put on a little parade and sang songs for the parents. She sang not a single one. Oh well I guess. I still love my little Tink.

Halloween night my cousins wife and kids came over to Trick-r-Treat with us. It was quit a task to keep them rounded up in the pitch dark. My neighborhood has no street lights.

That bucket is mighty heavy.

There were a few houses totally decked out but this one was my favorite. 
I love my little captain underpants. (If you know my son his costume suits him well.) 

Mr. S was a trooper helping tote kids around since my cousin Ben couldn't be here. He is off at camp getting ready to deploy.

After all that, the kids raided there candy to a movie.

Candy brings out the crazy in my kids.

Yes, his cape is flapping in the breeze. All kids can't be as cool as mine. ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

This one time I went to NYC

This was my first time ever really being out with just my SIL's for a few days. Leading up to this I was really excited but super nervous. What if they end up not liking me? I've been in the family for nearly 7 years and we haven't gotten to hang out with each other. 

Needless to say, I think we all had a blast.

First day we did A LOT of walking and thrift shopping. Then MORE walking. BTW, hailing a taxi is more difficult than movies and television make it out to be.

Loved Time Square. 

A friend of a friend made reservations at Max Brenners. I highly recommend eating here and saving room for desert. It was amazing.

The next day we did MORE walking and hung out in Central Park where we ate hot dogs and gyros.

We were near the LDS Temple so we decided it was more than worth visiting. Wish we would have done a session but just going inside and seeing how different yet the same it is was refreshing. Especially after being in such a gross and crowded city.

When you walk in, you come to a security desk. To the left of it are the big wooden double doors that lead into the Temple. To the right is an elevator that lead to two more levels. The 2nd floor is a genealogy center and distribution center. The 3rd level is a meeting house. Members were there decorating the gym for a ward halloween party while primary kids were in the chapel practicing their songs. I was a bit amazed that the meeting house was set up just like any other meeting house. It was very cool.

After our show. It was my first broadway production. We tried really hard to see Evita but the only tickets left were $105 for partial view. Instead we saw Peter and the Star Catcher. It was really good and very funny.

Our last day we hit up the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We ran out of time to see everything this museum has to offer. Seriously, we didn't even come close to seeing half before we had to catch our taxi back to the airport.

Love these girls even more.

Our flight ended up being the very last flight before the airport closed down because of Hurricane Sandy. I kid you not, our flight was supposed to depart at 5:30pm. It was running late and the LaGuardia airport was scheduled to shut down at 6! So glad we didn't get left behind. 

We missed you Christie and Kim!