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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Utah 2012 - part 1

The kids and I went up to Highland where my family now lives. I was asked to take my sisters engagements so I decided to make a vacation out of it and stayed for a week. It kind of was our kick off to summer. I love spending time with my mom and siblings and love even more that my kids got to play with cousins they never get to see. Vance wasn't able to attend but we missed him dearly.

There is a super fun splash pad just down the street from my moms so we attended a couple of times during our stay. My kids LOVED it and couldn't get enough. I loved it because it wore them out and they crashed hard afterwords. 

The water was really cold. I'm talking freezing. There was no warmth whatsoever. I was quit surprised he easy it was for my kids to jump on in.

They loved being in the backyard. The grass was cool and soft, unlike home where our yard is quit a mess with dead grass and rock. They could actually play in a yard without getting dirty. Some day.......

Friday, June 15, 2012


My first shoot and thank goodness it was for my sister. I have so much to learn and should probably wear my glasses. To the cute couple! Thanks for being my guinea pigs on such an important shoot. Love you guys!