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Monday, February 28, 2011

9 months


Head- 45cm
Chest- 43cm
Weight- 21lbs
Height- 291/2

Can't believe my baby will be 1 in 3 months!
Happy 9 months to my

sleepy (not so much) 


Wild child!
(whom I'm madly inlove with)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

attempts and then a lil' success

 He has finally crawled about 3 or 4 feet but before hand, this is how he preps. (I'd say it's a little more tricky than just getting on your hands and knees.)

 Momma's little sweet cheecks!

And now for the real treat! Vance is getting pretty good at standing himself up. WooHoo!
(Don't mind the mess. That's what happens when daddy is supervising.)

ps. my water is fine! When the water guy finally came and checked our water, it wasn't acting up anymore. (go figure) He told us that it was backed up oxygen causing all the bubbles and fizzyness. Whatever, just glad it wasn't anything serious.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"someone's poisened the water hole"

Vance and I really got into The Unit series and have recently finished watching them all. In one particular episode, the sprinklers and faucets start leaking a deadly gas and ends up killing a lot of people. Great episode and series! I recommend them to anyone!

Well, Vance came into the kitchen this evening after his shower getting ready for work and said, "Heather, you need to see something." I could tell he was perplexed and maybe a bit worried so I got up and went over to the sink where he was standing. After staring at the running water for a bit I finally asked him what it was he wanted me to see. He said, "Do ya see that?" Umm, nope. See what? He grabbed a glass cup and filled it with the running water. The water was white from the billions and billions of itty bitty bubbles (im assuming) and was fizzing like crazy. He held it up to my nose and it had a very strong chemical odor. Nope not the sulfur kind but the kind that your science teacher would probably make you where a mask during an expirement. Vance also mentioned it seemed to him that it was extra slippery feeling than normal.

He left for work shortly after showing me this situation with careful instructions to not drink the water or even let it run. I was feeling pretty happy that I had decided to buy water yesterday. I got the kids dressed and in bed and after giving my son his meds, I went into the bathroom to rinse his suringe and watched the water go down the drain. What the heck was that?! The water wasn't hot enough to be steaming. I switched it to cold water and bent down to get a closer look at the drain. Yep! I did in fact see what I thought I saw. As the water was draining, vapor came steaming up out of the drain. It emmediatly reminded me of the above mentioned episode or perhaps a job for Ghostbusters. Either way, tomorrow is a holiday so there's no fixing this until tuesday.

Can I at least safely shower or bathe my kids? Who knows. Luckily I have a pretty darn good friend who's offered up her house to us if we need some clean agua.

So, anyone have any idea what may be going on?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

25 and feeling awckward

The last time I can remember feeling like this was in Junior high. I was a shy awckward gal because there lacked a certain important element. Oh yeah, self-esteem, confidence! I never was the pretty or popular one. I remember wishing so badly that I was. Was I fat? No. Did I have a rediculously ugly boy haircut? Nope. Hmmm, what could it have been? You know how older women wished they had there young plump healthy skin from when they were 12? Apparently my skin has reverted back to its younger days. And I dont mean in the young, healthy and plumpish way.

My lack of self-esteem stemmed from my big forehead and dare I say it, acne. Back then, I tried everything in the book. To my dismayed and depressed self, nothing worked and I unwillingly accepted my fate. I covered and covered that face of which I speak of with foundation, which I'm sure didn't help the issue but was a quick fix for hiding those horrible monsters.

Years went by and I entered my Senior year of High school. I had some self-esteem, a little confidence and was happy and didn't feel quit as ugly as before. What ever could be the reason? My skin decided to be my friend! I don't know what made it change its mind but it did and I was grateful! No more cover-up for this girl! Yeah, sure, I'd get a pimple every once and while but who doesn't. This wonderment continued through graduation, some college, a couple of years of marriage and then BAMB! I got prego and my hormones started throwing everything out of wack. I got the prego acne, which BTW I had no idea was even possible. You're always told about the glowing radiant skin. Mine was definitly non existent.

I gave birth a few weeks later my skin was clear and back to its healthy normal self. Well, I got prego again and delt with the very same thing AGAIN! This time, it seemed a lot worse but didn't last as long, thank goodness. Gave birth again, skin was still good. I had a few issues but nothing that lasted long. Non the less, I was pleased with my complection.

This past week I feel like that awckward 12 year old I once was. My skin has been acting funny only it aint that funny. My normal cleansing routine stoped working for me so I started something different and still nothing. Once again nothing's working! (and no im not prego.) I'm 25 and never in my dreams did I think I'd be dealing with such adolesent skin. I'm hoping this passes soon and can all be forgotten. Can we shoot for clear skin by Sunday? I've got a RS lesson and it would be my greatest wish right now. That's all I'm asking, a little compromise. I think there's been enough damage.

(Okay, enough of my ranting. Lets just pray things get clearer, eh.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

be mine, valentine and some vomit

I've learned over the years to not expect anything on days such as these. It's not like it's that big of a deal anyways, right? It's just not Vance's thang. He tends to forget or he's usually working.

Well, when you're not expecting anything, it's quit the surprise when there is something! It wasn't a big something but I very much enjoyed it. In the hall on our little table, Vance left me a box of chocolates and the movie Eclipse. (Yes, I'm a sapp over this series so get over it.) It put a big smile on my face and made this day perfect.

Now, to rewind a couple of hours to earlier this morning. Vance got up with the kids so I could get some extra sleep and the poor guy had two sick kids who had vomitted in there beds. Both had slept in their mess I felt so awful. Vance had gotten them up and cleaned and changed them, all done in peace and quiet mind you. How did he do this? It's abselutely amazing! I hardly heard one peep while I got some sleep. My hubbs is wonderful, brilliant, amazing, careing, understanding and I could go on and on. Thank you sweet cheeks!

Now, to the underlying problem of the vomit. The kids and I were at a birthday party saturday. It was super fun with great food and sugar cookies. Well, I found out this morning from my friend Kelli that apparently, every cute kid at that party was throwing up. And from what I understand, some still are. I've been trying to think as to how this has happened, and I can only come up with food poisening. I think it was the eggs. There I said it. Sugar cookies and potatoe salad. Definitly the eggs. I hope this passes quickly because it is no bueno. My poor babies.

Friday, February 11, 2011

cancel here, extra money there....

As of the 10th, we officially have no more TV entertainment except in forms of dvd's. Only two days and I'm already wishing like crazy that I hadn't had our service cancelled. But, this is all for the greater good.

I've been reading a book called "The Total Money Makover" by Dave Ramsey. It pretty much tells you step by step how to get yourself out of debt and be smart with your money. For the past couple of years I've been telling myself that we are going to get out of debt if it's the last thing I do, and that's it. That's all I have done. I've only made a statement with no gusto behind it. Well, as of this month I've started the "debt snowball" and will have our first credit card payed off next month! Um, I think I'm a bit addicted to this whole getting out of debt thing and I've only begun!

This brings me back to not haveing cable. Vance and I discussed getting rid of it since we didn't mind watching movies and we have Netflix anyways. The money being saved from not having cable and cheeper insurance since we have removed a vehicle, has allowed us to start paying our debts off one by one a lot faster than simply making the minimum payment. Pathetically, the last two days have been boringly hard not haveing cable but completely worth it for the end result. Plus, there's more good that comes out of it than just money. It's amazing what one can do and accomplish without the interuptions of the so called "boob tube". I pay more attention to my kids, my kids pay more attention to me, the hubbs pays more attenion to his wife. It's all good. And YES, you can live without TV. Can you believe it?!

This book has been a wonderful read and very educational and I recommend it to everyone who wishes they had a little extra money. Just remember, you have to "live like no one else so you can live like no one else." Do ya get it?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

8 months

Okay, so this picture was taken at 7 months but he still looks the same. Non the less, I can't believe he's 8 months! He's growing so fast and has so much energy. He loves Gerber veggie puffs, rolling over, his sister and hates the fact that he can't crawl yet. He trys so hard but he's just not quit there. He pulled himself up the other day and it made this momma so proud!  He's growing healthy and strong considering all he's gone through. Sadly, and it really does break my heart, he still needs to be circumsized. I can't even imagine what this must feel like but his urologist will perform the little snip in May. It will be done at the hospital under anathisia, THANK GOODNESS!

I love this sweet boy beyond words. We have been so blessed!