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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just thinking out loud

We do a lot of just hang'n out these days. Ever since the move down to Douglas we've been playing the catch up game with the green. Can't wait for that game to be over. Good thing there are number of parks to take the kids too. We've been to one park in particular over by the airport a few times. Vance has been getting himself into shape for the BORSTAR academy so whenever he has a run, we all pack up and play at the park while daddy runs the trail for a few miles. Gemma LOVES it. If she could live outside, I think she would. Bubba loves it too. My kids I guess are just ment to be outside and not cooped up. I don't blame 'em.
As Gemma gets older, I'm learning more and more on how to be a mother. I wish I was better at it to tell ya the truth. But, I've started the timeout thing with Gemma and it seems to be working! The first time I put her in timeout was because she kept throwing her snacks on the floor. I'd ask her to pick them up but she would look at me and throw them again. (the lil' stinker) So, I told her she had to go to timeout and I placed her in the corner of the couch and she sat there for an entire minute. She cried and cried but she stayed! After her minute was up, I went over to her where she wrapped her arms and legs around me with a big smile on her face. I explained to her why I put her in timeout, (whether she understood me, I don't know), gave her a hug and a kiss and asked her to pick up her snacks. That sweet girl of mine picked those snacks up with a big smile on her face and got lots of praise for it from her momma! Now to try to get her to be nice to her brother.

Bubbs had a Cardiologist and surgen visit this past wednesday. Nothing amazing really to report other than things are still the same. His surgen however thinks that this wont be his last surgery. In fact, he believes that as he gets older and his heart gets bigger that he will have a number of surgeries through out his life because of how his pulminary arterie developed. I get very overwhelmed with the whole thing and wonder why it is that lil' Vance has to go through this? What is it that Heavenly Father is trying to teach me and my little family? Trying not to let this get me down, and it's not for the most part. I just wanna know why. And maybe there isn't an answer. At least one I won't know until the hereafter. But on a more positive note, Bubba is 24.5 inches tall and weighs 14 lbs 11 oz. He's growing and seems to be a healthy boy. You would never know that he has a heart condition.

I'm looking forward to and dreading Tuesday morning. Looking forward to seeing my parents and Father-in-law and to have this surgery over with. Dreading the actual surgery and that my son has to go through this. Dreading the recovery process and feeling completely helpless. Just can't wait for it to be OVER.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bath buddies

Who would of thought that bathing your kids at the same time would save time, water, and be a piece of cake! I've only done this twice now but before, I was a little nervous about puting them together. I just wish I would have done it sooner! They are just the cutest when they bathe together. G has fun making V smile and lil' Vance just loves it.
Surprisingly, Gemma doesn't bother V's weewee (haha weewee. Who says that anymore.) as much as I thought she would. She's definitly curious about it and has to touch it at least once whenever she sees it, but for the most part, she leaves it alone. It's because she knows her momma will get after her for it.

in love with these 2!

DISCLAIMER: When I say V or lil Vance I'm talking about my son. It would be pretty disturbing to read this post if you all didn't know which Vance I was talking about.

Sunday morning

V is a momma's boy through and through. In order for me to get ready for church or any other day for that matter, I need to be in his line of site. So, I snag a pillow off my bed and lay him in my closet where he can watch me all he wants. (in fact, he's watching me right now). Yesterday morning, G decided to be a sweet big sis and love on her bro. (what a shocker)
V is thinking "Holy Crap!"
I love these sweet funny moments. It didn't last very long due to the fact G was getting annoyed with V fling'n his arms around. Too funny! I love it!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Momma's lil' firegirl

Friday the 10th me and the kids headed out to the Douglas Fire Station with a bukoo of moms and kiddos. (and a few daddy's) It was so much fun to get out of the house and make some friends for Gemma. Okay, me too I guess. (I'm that big of a looser.) G's hardly around that many kids at once so she wasn't quit sure what to do but cling to her mommy (which I l. o. v. e. love). Once she started warming up to her surroundings, she really enjoyed the hose and water. I had a hard time getting her away so the other kids could have a turn. Thanks to the wonderful patient firemen, my girl had tons of fun!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


This is the BIG day for my Bubba's open heart surgery. I always new this day was coming but when I got the call from the docs office about the set date, I wanted to cry. I thought I was ready for this and I know I will be, (maybe), but emotionally I don't think you can be. I'm glad he isn't aware of this event and even more greatful that he wont remember any of it. Bubb's is going to have quite the scars he'll be able to talk up to all the cute girls someday. I'm sure his daddy will help him come up with stories.

Even though I'm scared, I know he's gonna be just fine and have a bright future ahead.

His, "Do I really have to have surgery?" look

His completely unaware look

Bubb's jabber'N

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is this thing...

floating around in my belly? I asked the doctor this very thing a couple of weeks ago. After having Vance, my body just hasn't quit gone back to normal. I'd do little workouts morning and night. I'd go walking and instead of making me smaller, I'd start to swell up. It drove me crazy and still does. So, you may be wondering, "What did the Doc tell ya?" Well, I don't remember what he called it but he said it's like a hernia, sort of. That thing I feel floating around in my belly are my INTESTINES!! That's right folks. The reason I still look 4 months prego is because my belly was stretched to its MAX that my stomach muscles probably will never go back together without surgical intervention. My goal right now is to get back to pre pregnancy weight and then go in to the docs and see what can be done to fix this MAJOR annoyance.

Someday I'll be able to walk into a store without someone asking how far along I am or "do you know what your having yet?".