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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

pretty excited...

So, we all know that I've been trying to be "Gazelle Intense" about getting out of debt, right? I started with our credit cards since they collect interest and have taken us FOREVER to pay off. Vance and I had a total of 4 credit cards and since January of this year I am PLEASED to announce that 3 of them are completely paid off as of yesterday!!!

It was really hard to throw a whole lot of money away like that but lesson learned. NO MORE CREDIT CARDS EVER AGAIN!

One more credit card and 2 major hospital bills to go then its off to working on our car payment and saving some more!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"she what!?"


I had missed 2 phone calls from my mom and didn't really think anything of it until Vance called and said that I really needed to get a hold of my mother. That it was very important. Of course I immediately new that it wasn't going to be good news so I called my mom.

She answered and told me that Mykin and Dad were in the hospital and that Mykin had been struck by lightning and Dad had been knocked out from the after shock. But that both seemed to be alright. My heart raced. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to know more but the doctors weren't letting anyone in to see my sister or dad.

A couple hours later, I talked to my mom and everything REALLY was alright. They both were able to go home late that night. Mykin has follow ups to check her heart, eyes, kidneys and hearing and my dad has been so emotional and overwhelmed over the incident that the doctor thinks it could be post traumatic stress so he is seeing a counselor at least once. 

My sister nearly lost her life. Im SO greatful to the power of the priesthood and my Heavenly Father.

Here's a picture of where the lightning entered Mykins body and traveled down her side.

Also her quick story of what happened.

Hi Everybody. i am sure you all herd what happend yesterday and i am sure there are many many different stories being told. But i will tell you the real story. Yesterday at about ten to four my dad was loading up all his horse stuff so he could go to bluff after he had dropped me off at work. So i was sitting in my suburbad waiting for my dad and i had realized that i had left my perfume in my green car so i stepped outside and grabbed the handle to my green car and as soon as i did i was struck on my left side directly inline with my heart. The percusion from the strike was so overpowering it had knocked my dad down and he had blacked out for a plit second. As soon as my dad could refocus he saw that i was layin on the ground next to the car so he rushed over and asked me if i was hit i looked up and said yes then that is when my eyes had rolled back into my head and i had stopped breathing. So my dad scooped me up and put me in the car and rushed me to the hospital. On our way my complection was becoming a lighter grey and my lips were turning a dark purple. My dad though he had witness me die. So when we arrived to the hospital and the nurses and doctors took me thats when i started to breath again but not very much and i woke up and started to scream and cry and i thought i was going to die was so scared. Luckly i had my cousin david and my brother rick give me a priestood blessing. Heavenly father was watching over me that day. i am very lucky to be here to tell my story and that i wish i can be a influence on other people. Please live everyday like it is your last. tell your parents, brothers and sisters aunts uncles or who ever that you love them. Dont take anything for granted. Life is very fragile. I know because I almost lost my life yesterday. Thank you for all your prayers they are greatly needed. I love you guys

Friday, July 8, 2011

not for a year

We had V's cardio visit yesterday and not much to report other than he's doing FABULOUS!! The doctors are very pleased with how well his heart is doing. So pleased in fact that they have been useing V as an example in meetings with other Docs and such. I couldn't be more proud and more blessed with this little guy!

See you Dr. Macias and Dr. Blair in ONE YEAR!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

the 4th

 Im glad we got home from Colorado just in time to play and get ready for the 4th of July. Even though we all were dog tired, we had a blast!