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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gemma and her infamous "Hi"

She loves to say "Hi" to any and everybody. It doesn't matter where we go, any by passer will inevitably be told "Hi". She also enjoys playing with cell phones and I was able to find 2 that are out of commission. So, Robyn and anyone else who is curious about this cute little girl here is a quick little video. Enjoy!

Gemma LOVES the outdoors and now that we've been having some wonderful spring weather, I've been taking her outside more often to roam around. I was trying so desperatly to catch some cute photos but as always, Gemma 's back side is all you get. She's always walking away to some new adventure ahead. I have a feeling she will grow up to be very independent. Watch out fella's!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is what I walked in on when Gemma woke up this morning. All I could do was just laugh as Gemma said her famouse "Hi"!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

{some vacation FUN}

Vance and I enjoyed some 7 day fun with family and LOVED every minute! We began our journey on March 12th and made it to Fremont, WI late Saturday night where we were greeted with much excitement. We played and visited and boy did I enjoy the freedom my arms had. All my little SIL took care of Gemma non stop!

We then departed Thursday morning and headed to Blanding, Ut to surprise my mom with our presence. We stopped in Denver, Co for the night and I gotta tell ya, I very much enjoyed all the pillows surrounding my body as I slept in the most soft and comfy bed EVER! I did not want to wake up! "Thank you LaQuinta!" We awoke to finish our trip to Utah to loads of snow!Gemma loved pushing our cart and when she couldn't push ours she'd go push someone elses.We went to Cottenwood a few minutes away from my folks and enjoyed the perfect weather!Poor girl. The leash wouldn't let her walk any farther and boy was she t.o.'d!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Needed advice

I'm failing hugely at my "Just Do It" goals. My impatients have gotten the best of me the past few days. I'd like to apologize to Gemma and Vance and say, "I'll try harder." I do however feel like I need a break to rest and reguvinate. What I'd really like to do is have a weekend up in Phoenix where I don't have to worry about my little girl and hubby and just take care of me. Am I being too selfish? I don't know if it will happen but I do need to figure something out to where I can have a time out to myself. I did learn something that I've known all along but apparently forgot and I'd like to share:

I had a discussion with a very wise man the other night when my feelings were about to get the best of me. On this particular night I was feeling very discouraged and I wasn't really sure why. This emotion had been dragging me down all day to the point where I wanted to just break down and cry. Anyone else ever feel like this? Please say yes. I called to talk to my mom but she was a bit busy but she had relayed the message to my Dad. After hanging up with her, just minutes later my dad calls. I forgot how wonderful my father is. I don't know why I didn't call him in the first place. He gave me some great advice. He said that I need to make every effort to get down on my knees every morning and night and thank Heavenly Father for the things I have. He also said that no matter how tuff things get, it's all about our attitude. My dad said if I do these things and keep a positive attitude, that life would be sweeter and more enjoyeable for everyone involved.

Often things can be hard and you wanna do the "poor me" thing and through a pitty party, I know I sure did (and sometimes still do) but, I know my dad is right. So, even if it kills me I'm gonna put his words to the test (knowing perfectly well what the result will be) as well as the words of our prophets and just be happier! Because not only will I benefit from it but so will my family and I really do have much to be happy for.

(Feels like I should say "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." doesn't it) But I wont. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

still waiting but good news nun the less

Well, the offer we made on a home has taken an interesting turn. We weren't sure about it but after speaking to our realtor today it seems that great things can happen.

Apparently, the previous owner is a border patrol agent who was relocated for his job back east. So, his employer hired a relocation company within REMAX to take care of his home here. We weren't aware of this but they have already done inspections and have been in the process of buying this home before we even made an offer. When they found out we wanted to buy this home, they proposed a pretty sweet deal. Yes, our realtor and us have checked into it and have emails of paperwork on the matter so we feel that this is very legit. The reason that this is good news for us is that once REMAX has closed on the house, they have agreed to sale it to us for 112 with them taking care of closing costs and the home warranty! That is considerably less than what our offer was at 117 and we were going to cover closing costs. So, if everything goes well and timely, we will be sitting pretty in our first home by the end of May!

I can't believe our luck and maybe I shouldn't be too excited because things still could happen. But, I have good feelings about this and owe it to my Heavenly Father to get on my knees more often because I certainly don't feel as though I deserve this. I have to say though, that I have enjoyed dreaming of paint colors and furniture and picked up my first little set of paint swatches (or whatever they are called) the other day. I guess it's my way of staying positive about an exciting and stressful "unknown".

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just another day

Gemma has become quit the champ at walking! After my doctors appointment, we stopped by the park since she now can actually enjoy it! The second I sat her down she was off. She loves walking but LOVES being outside so this was a treat for her today. It was definitley a treat for me to see her so happy since moments before she fell off the park table and hit her head. Poor girl, I tried not to cry because there were by standers. She cryed real good for just a short while and like always, once she was finished, it was like it never happened.

Vance had some fun at work last night. His schedule right now is from 2pm to 11pm so I'm usually in bed when he gets home. Well, last night, he comes in and I wake up and he tells me, "I'm gonna put my work clothes over here in the corner so when you wash them, wash them by themselves and wash your hands after your done touching them. I got blood on 'em." he then walks out of the room to look at his package he got in the mail. So I get out of bed to ask the all important question, "Why do you have blood on your clothes?" He then proceeds to tell me, with a big grin on his face, that he got to help a girl who had broken her ankle. he said that her foot was completely turned around and the bone was sticking out. He thought it was so cool! Plus, his fellow employees were empressed with his EMT skills so Vance was floating on cloud 9. He really loves his job and I'm so proud of him! Not many people can say the love there job.

Well, not much to report on the pregnancy really other than I'm getting huge. Or so it feels. Baby's heart is strong and so are his kicks! I can't wait to see the face of this little guy!

Happy 6 months!