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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

still waiting but good news nun the less

Well, the offer we made on a home has taken an interesting turn. We weren't sure about it but after speaking to our realtor today it seems that great things can happen.

Apparently, the previous owner is a border patrol agent who was relocated for his job back east. So, his employer hired a relocation company within REMAX to take care of his home here. We weren't aware of this but they have already done inspections and have been in the process of buying this home before we even made an offer. When they found out we wanted to buy this home, they proposed a pretty sweet deal. Yes, our realtor and us have checked into it and have emails of paperwork on the matter so we feel that this is very legit. The reason that this is good news for us is that once REMAX has closed on the house, they have agreed to sale it to us for 112 with them taking care of closing costs and the home warranty! That is considerably less than what our offer was at 117 and we were going to cover closing costs. So, if everything goes well and timely, we will be sitting pretty in our first home by the end of May!

I can't believe our luck and maybe I shouldn't be too excited because things still could happen. But, I have good feelings about this and owe it to my Heavenly Father to get on my knees more often because I certainly don't feel as though I deserve this. I have to say though, that I have enjoyed dreaming of paint colors and furniture and picked up my first little set of paint swatches (or whatever they are called) the other day. I guess it's my way of staying positive about an exciting and stressful "unknown".


mommyx12 said...

How fun. I hope things work out for you. So excited to see you all. I know I've said it before!!

Rachel McKendrick said...

How exciting!!! Zach and I are so jealous that you are buying a house. Don't you love blessings!