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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The greatest calling

Sunday was mothers day.

A day where the country ecknowledges the role of Motherhood. And for one whole day, Motherhood is truly appreciated.

Then tomorrow happens, and for another year people forget. 

But us moms will continue on being moms. No matter what.

Continuing on being Brave. 
Scared out of our minds.......Etc....

Happy mothers day to the grandmothers of my children. Without my mom I wouldn't be here. Without my mother in law I wouldn't have Mr. S.

They made me mother.
I will eternally love them so much it hurts.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Stake Conference (5.4.14)

I have a confession.....

We don't go to stake conference.

We should and I look forward to the day we'll actually be able to sit for 2 hours straight with my family, but until then, Mt. Lemmon has been and is church for us. Only twice a year that is.

It has actually become tradition with great friends of ours. I wont name names. "cough...M****...cough".  ;) 

We missed them though this go around. Just isn't the same you guys.

This happens to be our very favorite spot.
Beautiful trees.
Beautiful light.
Beautiful and refreshing air.

If I could some how own this little spot of the mountain, I'd live here always.

With my dream little farm animals. Whom most likely would get eaten by bears and lions.....So Id have to figure something out with that.....

My favorite thing about long drives and little adventures, is when the babes fall asleep and Mr. S and I dream talk and make dream plans. One of these days we'll make one itty bitty dream come true.

 Hiking the 7 Cataracts.

Which is right behind me. The picture doesn't do it justice at all.

Its much bigger.
With a natural pool.
So I've heard.

Heavenly Father sure has given us a beautiful place to enjoy and care for.

Happy Sabbath.
Happy Stake Conference.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

8 years

Had anyone told me how our marriage would start out, I never would have said yes. 

Its been 8 years as of April 14 that we became husband and wife. Oh has it ever been hard and completely worth while. 

Marriage is 100/100 as we've learned. It has to be. 

It's work. 
Really hard work. 

But sometimes it's easy and completely rewarding. 

Our love grows more and more with each moment that passes. I dare say I love you more BECAUSE of what we've gone through. Not despite. 

You are my good morning.
I love you Mr. Smith, forever.