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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Homeword Bound

After 3 weeks of being gone, I finally get to go home on Saturday. Though I'm excited to see Vance, I get to unpack, do loads of laundry, and then pack it all back up again. Not quit so thrilling but we do get to see Vance's family up in Wisconsin for a few days so that definitely makes up for it!
Now, onto pressing matters. It will be mine and Vance's 3rd Anniversary and besides the 5 cards I got him, one to give him each day leading to the BIG day, and because I couldn't make up my mind, I'm unsure of what else I could do. I have some pretty big ideas but that's just the problem. My ideas are too big so I can't afford them really. I've tried to think small and simple but I live in Bisbee so there's really not much to do or even buy. I have one idea (how sad is that), but I'm lacking the creative juices I once use to have (oh juices please come back!) so if anyone could toss around some ideas or suggestions my way to maybe add to the one idea I do have it would be greatly appreciated.