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Friday, July 24, 2009

I really do have a life......... blog about! Let me just start by saying how much I miss the Internet! It is my connection to the world especially my family and friends. Living far away from everybody just makes me miss the world wide web all the more.

Now, to update you just a bit. Vance, for 3 months, was on the mids shift (midnight to 10 am) and I hated it. I didn't think it would be so bad but it was. It threw off mine and Gemma's rythem we had going on through out the day. I know it took a toll on Vance too. He would be so tired that we hardly saw him when he was home. I never knew when I should cook dinner because I wasn't sure when or if Vance would be getting up. Most of the time I made dinner at lunch time for him, he then would go to bed, and I would snack through out the afternoon instead of making another dinner for myself. Im sure it wasn't the healthiest way to eat during the day but things are normal again! He's back on days (8 to 5), and everyone is much happier.

Vance and I both have callings in the ward so that has helped with getting more involved with the little community. Vance is the sunday school teacher for the teenagers which aren't very many and I'm in activities days (aka Acheivement days). I've also been asked to be the permenant substitute in the primary for the 4-7 year olds until they have a permenant teacher. Sometimes it's a bit of a handful with Gemma in my arms as I teach my class but I have fun with the kids.

Gemma had her 6 month doctors appointment the other day. She weighs in at 15.09 lbs, 26.4 inches tall, and she has her first tooth! I got so excited when I noticed it. I think Vance thought I was a bit strange. Shes growing so fast and is becoming quit the handful. She'll only be happy for so long out of my arms that if I want to get anything done, I have to rush like a mad man before she throws a fit. The past 2 days she's been constipated and it has made her very unhappy, pore girl. I'm not really sure how to ease her pain but I've been giving her apple juice and water to keep her hydrated. Non the less, Gemma's still a good baby and she makes me very happy! Vance and I have figured out that she's a Daddy's girl. When Vance walks into the home after work, if he doesn't give his attention to her right away, she will cry until he does. It makes Vance feel pretty good.

I've got pictures to update you all, but I forgot the disc, so until next time. I'm hoping it will be soon. I've been trying to convince Vance the we need the Internet and I think I might have him convinced.