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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 For Christmas Vance gifted me some climbing shoes and for my birthday, I got rope. This past Saturday, he took me up to Mt. Lemmon to test them out! When we moved to Marana, we had no idea we'd be living around the corner from my cousin Ben. Thanks to him and his wife, we had sitters!
It was a total BLAST! Thanks baby cakes!

He's pretty amazing.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

26 and 3

 This is what 26 looks like... Blah. I feel so old especially when i feed the missionaries.

But Gemma turned 3 on the 6th!! She was so excited and high energy the entire day about it.

 G stole her brothers T-Rex because her cute poodle wasn't cool enough.

 Danced with the servers at Texas RoadHouse. It was HILARIOUS!

She got a BIG Texas sized "YEEHAA!" thanks to our super awsome waiter. She sat on the saddle and everything.
Im so proud of you Gemma! I love you infinity times!