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Friday, September 18, 2015

B turns 2

This sassy lady turned 2 last month.
She was spoiled with baby dolls, 
and a tricycle. 
Has officially entered into the terribles.
She is the perfect blend of Gemma and Bubba. 
Both physically and characteristically.
And then there's the sass. 
She holds her own.
Can be very demanding.
If you hear a toddler scream and cause a scene while at the store,
park etc.....that would be her. 
But oh how I love this girl of mine. Heavenly Father created her just perfectly. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kinder Graduation

It was graduation day. Gemma was excited. I was excited.
We got up early to get all pretty. Curled our hair. Got ourselves dressed in our very best. Ate a quick breakfast. And headed to get Gemma to school by 8:00 am sharp.

We were late. 
Gemma had to get a tardy slip for the first time EVER before heading to class.
But we were 40 minutes early for the actual graduation.

My mom came to show her love and support to her very first grandchild. 
We LOVE when Grandma comes to town. 

We found our seats. I got my camera ready. And we anxiously waited for Gemma and all the adorable kindergarteners to come out in their cap and gowns.

The famous graduation tune started playing. Every mom, dad, grandparent and friend stood.
And one by one they walked into the gym and onto the stage.
This incredible urge to cry wouldn't leave my chest and started working its way up into my throat.
Then we all said the Pledge of Allegiance with all those rock star kinder graduates and my eyes became wet.
I was completely surprised. No where in my mind did I think I would be emotional.
Totally blind sided. 

After an adorable little ceremony, we took pictures, picked up her memory book and headed home for homemade pizzas, watermelon and cupcakes.
Gemma however requested salmon for her lunch. It is her favorite food after all. And I couldn't tell her no on her special day.

Gifts she received were Fancy Nancy books from grandma Winsor and Pokeman cards from me.

Gemma with her kinder teacher Mrs. Ethridge and classmate Lockland.

I can't wait to do this again next year. I think kindergarten for Bubba will be quite the experience.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Letter to Mr. S #4

Hello darling,

Today is the day you come home! Which makes today, a great day.

When you get here, you will find that a few of our windows will look ghetto.
I tin foiled them in the kids rooms in hopes to get a few extra minutes of sleep in the mornings.
 It didn't help much like I had thought.
Gemma was up sometime before 6:30 and quietly scurried up the stairs to wake her brother.
It did work with Brynlee though. So my efforts weren't entirely in vain.

I woke with the same migraine I went to bed with. 
Last night was just ruff with Bubba awake crying in the hall. And Brynlee following suit shortly after.
I hope your night was more restful than ours.

Oreos, banana's and gold fish were had for breakfast. 
The kids pretty much helped themselves while I buried my head into my pillows on the couch nursing the pain in my head and hoping and praying that my sunday school class would be covered by some miracle.
I'm probably the worst teacher on the planet, anyways.

The kids played fishing over the side of the trampoline. But not without Bubba getting quite frustrated that his fish (leafy twig) wouldn't stay tied on.
The neighbors probably didn't appreciate the screaming so early on a Sunday morning. But I just couldn't muster getting up from off my pillows.

I do love it when our babes use those adorable imaginations though.

Painting was next on their list of things to do today.
They helped themselves to that project as well. Gemma so sweetly sharing and helping Brynlee. 
Bubba screaming and getting upset because he wanted Brynlee to just leave them alone.
It was quite the scene that caused paint water to spill all over the floor.
To his luck, my migraine was finally subsiding....

Everyone was so hangry and so I broke the sabbath and we drove to McDonalds. I know, I know, I know..........
Then the rest of the afternoon/ evening was spent watching Antz, James and the Giant Peach, My little Pony, Hunny We Shrunk Ourselves, etc.

The best part of my day was this. 
Welcome home Mr. S!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Letter to Mr. S #3

Mr. S,

I stood up my hot dates from last night. As you can see.
Dont worry. Dishes are done.
Laundry still looks exactly like the picture. And I may or may not still have 2 more baskets to fold.
Why am I so impossible!

Brynlee came strolling on in from the back yard today and tossed a FLYING COCKROACH right into my lap!
Our neighbors heard me scream like a little baby. Brynlee just stared at me in confusion.
And I yelled and yelled at Bubba to take it outside and toss it over the wall.
 After it was good and DEAD, of course.
We need new bug guys STAT.

We had a lot of rain late last night which left it chilly most of the morning.
The kids loved it though. Bubba put his swim suit on to jump on the wet trampoline.
Their neighbor friends were on their tramp doing the same thing.
Later on this morning, they were all chit chatting on the wall and I had to keep convincing the neighbor kids to NOT give the half dead mouse to Bubba that their cat had caught.

And it was only inevitable because of the rain, that both Brynlee and Bubba would end up completely muddy. So, I had the pleasure of hosing them down, stripping them naked and chasing them up the stairs to the warm bath.
To be a kid again....I wish I could remember my childhood a little better.
I hope when they are older, they will be able to look back and smile about a magical and hilarious childhood.
Like when their mom let them scooter inside the house.
(That stink face, though!)

Once again I have procrastinated my sunday school lesson. And my punishment is a migraine.
Not surprising.

Talking with you earlier, you sounded so happy. It made me happy. And I can't wait to see that scruffy face I love so much.
The kids can't wait either.
They have a big itch to go back out to the "desert". As do I.

I love you.

your baby mama

Friday, May 15, 2015

Letter to Mr. S #2

Hello love,

Mother nature has kindly paid a visit. I'd say thats perfect timing, wouldn't you? ;)

The weather today has been beautiful.
Over cast....check.
Cool breeze....check.
Perfect temperature....check.
Kids playing outside nearly all the live long day....check!

You'll be proud to know that while Vance and Brynlee played in the lovely weather this morning, I got most of the laundry folded and put away.
Oh how I loath laundry.
Down fall is I have a stinky date with dishes tonight. Aannnd late night drinks with the rest of laundry.

It was Gemma's last Friday of the school year and NO MORE HOMEWORK!
One little pebble off my shoulder.
At least for a couple of months.
I can't believe she graduates kindergarten on Wednesday.
You'll be baptizing her before you know it.

Vance still had plenty of difficult moments today.
He wouldn't leave Gemma alone and kept hitting her. Being a total pest.
Then Gemma looked at him and said, 
"Bubba! Remember what mom said. Count to 10!"

Bubba had asked me the other morning while reading scriptures, how could he be good.
I told him when he felt angry, hurt, or like he was about to do something he knew would make mommy upset, to take a deep breath and count to 10.
He hasn't tried it. But somehow I feel joy that at least one of our children was listening to my counsel.

Since it's family movie night, we stopped by WalMart for straight up sugar, diapers and I couldn't help myself, chalk paint. 
We have some cuter stools now.
And most likely rotting teeth, 
a few extra pounds,
 and possibly a couple of morning zits.
Movie choice, JUMANJI. A classic. 

The rest of our afternoon was spent with a napping baby,
Gemma and Vance jumping rope (whom are quite proud and excited to show off their sweet skills to Grandma),
and I painted our boring stools.

Though your day was very wet and freezing, I would have gladly braved it for a chance to watch you in action. 
It's almost like I don't know you.
I'd love to be brave and adventures and ride those rapids with you.

Well, im late for my hot dates.
We miss you terribly over here. Stay safe. Be good.

the one who still has the hots for you. 
Seriously, I do.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Letter to Mr. S

My darling dearest,

Today has found me very impatient and graciously gifted me a migraine.
I prayed extra hard this morning that I'd do better today but it seems without fail, I allowed myself to be defeated.
I keep looking at this picture you text me and it's so refreshing. 
For a brief moment in my crazy day, I feel peace. I could use a view like this for a few days.
Im just a little jealous of all your adventures. But, im also so proud of you.

As usual, Vance has tried me to tears. 
But this evening, when i asked for a little help because of my migraine, he let me lay my head in his lap while he stroked my hair and rested his arm around my shoulder. 
I loved it. And it helped immensely. 
I've been asking Heavenly Father to help me be in tune with his little spirit's needs. 
Its been difficult. 
But I'm having faith that he and I will have a break through. 
Pray and have faith with me. Odds are more in our favor if there's two of us, right? ;)

Gemma has been a sweetheart and very helpful.
After prayer and scripture study this morning, she proudly announced that she was going to choose to be kind today.
And for the most part, she has.
I've seen her do her best and make that extra effort. 
As her mom, I was beaming.

Brynlee, well, she's been Brynlee. And I love her.

I always miss you terribly. Your extra set of hands are always so helpful.
When you get back, please take us on a refreshing and peaceful adventure. We all desperately need one.

Enjoy that Himalayan dinner tonight.

Your Wifey 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day

Getting dolled up is a very rare occasion for hopefully most mothers. I know for me its down right non existent in my life. I was pretty excited to have a reason too.

I was trying to take a photo of said rare occasion when my darling Brynlee wanted me and my necklaces. I kept trying to keep her out of the picture when I felt impressed that my children are my greatest accessories. Not my jewelry or clothing I wear. 

Im grateful I have this photo. Im grateful to my Heavenly Father for reminding me in that moment of what is most important. 
So, all you Mama's! Accessorize those exhausted arms, legs, and beautiful hips with the BEST gift you will ever be given.

"When the real history of mankind is fully disclosed, will it feature the echoes of gunfire or the shaping sound of lullabies? The great armistices made be military men or the peacemaking of women in homes and in neighborhoods? Will what happened in cradles and in kitchens prove to be more controlling than what happened in congresses?" -Elder Neal A. Maxwell

To all my girls, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! No other human can mother your children better than you can. YOU are amazing.

(Mr. S at work and us right after 9AM church self timing it. A whole lot of sass and exhaustion going on here.)

(in case you were curious)
Top - Old Navy
Pants - Old Navy (i cut out the holes in knees)
Booties - Target
Accessorize as you will. Hopefully with those beautiful children you love so dearly.