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Friday, May 15, 2015

Letter to Mr. S #2

Hello love,

Mother nature has kindly paid a visit. I'd say thats perfect timing, wouldn't you? ;)

The weather today has been beautiful.
Over cast....check.
Cool breeze....check.
Perfect temperature....check.
Kids playing outside nearly all the live long day....check!

You'll be proud to know that while Vance and Brynlee played in the lovely weather this morning, I got most of the laundry folded and put away.
Oh how I loath laundry.
Down fall is I have a stinky date with dishes tonight. Aannnd late night drinks with the rest of laundry.

It was Gemma's last Friday of the school year and NO MORE HOMEWORK!
One little pebble off my shoulder.
At least for a couple of months.
I can't believe she graduates kindergarten on Wednesday.
You'll be baptizing her before you know it.

Vance still had plenty of difficult moments today.
He wouldn't leave Gemma alone and kept hitting her. Being a total pest.
Then Gemma looked at him and said, 
"Bubba! Remember what mom said. Count to 10!"

Bubba had asked me the other morning while reading scriptures, how could he be good.
I told him when he felt angry, hurt, or like he was about to do something he knew would make mommy upset, to take a deep breath and count to 10.
He hasn't tried it. But somehow I feel joy that at least one of our children was listening to my counsel.

Since it's family movie night, we stopped by WalMart for straight up sugar, diapers and I couldn't help myself, chalk paint. 
We have some cuter stools now.
And most likely rotting teeth, 
a few extra pounds,
 and possibly a couple of morning zits.
Movie choice, JUMANJI. A classic. 

The rest of our afternoon was spent with a napping baby,
Gemma and Vance jumping rope (whom are quite proud and excited to show off their sweet skills to Grandma),
and I painted our boring stools.

Though your day was very wet and freezing, I would have gladly braved it for a chance to watch you in action. 
It's almost like I don't know you.
I'd love to be brave and adventures and ride those rapids with you.

Well, im late for my hot dates.
We miss you terribly over here. Stay safe. Be good.

the one who still has the hots for you. 
Seriously, I do.

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