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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kinder Graduation

It was graduation day. Gemma was excited. I was excited.
We got up early to get all pretty. Curled our hair. Got ourselves dressed in our very best. Ate a quick breakfast. And headed to get Gemma to school by 8:00 am sharp.

We were late. 
Gemma had to get a tardy slip for the first time EVER before heading to class.
But we were 40 minutes early for the actual graduation.

My mom came to show her love and support to her very first grandchild. 
We LOVE when Grandma comes to town. 

We found our seats. I got my camera ready. And we anxiously waited for Gemma and all the adorable kindergarteners to come out in their cap and gowns.

The famous graduation tune started playing. Every mom, dad, grandparent and friend stood.
And one by one they walked into the gym and onto the stage.
This incredible urge to cry wouldn't leave my chest and started working its way up into my throat.
Then we all said the Pledge of Allegiance with all those rock star kinder graduates and my eyes became wet.
I was completely surprised. No where in my mind did I think I would be emotional.
Totally blind sided. 

After an adorable little ceremony, we took pictures, picked up her memory book and headed home for homemade pizzas, watermelon and cupcakes.
Gemma however requested salmon for her lunch. It is her favorite food after all. And I couldn't tell her no on her special day.

Gifts she received were Fancy Nancy books from grandma Winsor and Pokeman cards from me.

Gemma with her kinder teacher Mrs. Ethridge and classmate Lockland.

I can't wait to do this again next year. I think kindergarten for Bubba will be quite the experience.

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