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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Letter to Mr. S #4

Hello darling,

Today is the day you come home! Which makes today, a great day.

When you get here, you will find that a few of our windows will look ghetto.
I tin foiled them in the kids rooms in hopes to get a few extra minutes of sleep in the mornings.
 It didn't help much like I had thought.
Gemma was up sometime before 6:30 and quietly scurried up the stairs to wake her brother.
It did work with Brynlee though. So my efforts weren't entirely in vain.

I woke with the same migraine I went to bed with. 
Last night was just ruff with Bubba awake crying in the hall. And Brynlee following suit shortly after.
I hope your night was more restful than ours.

Oreos, banana's and gold fish were had for breakfast. 
The kids pretty much helped themselves while I buried my head into my pillows on the couch nursing the pain in my head and hoping and praying that my sunday school class would be covered by some miracle.
I'm probably the worst teacher on the planet, anyways.

The kids played fishing over the side of the trampoline. But not without Bubba getting quite frustrated that his fish (leafy twig) wouldn't stay tied on.
The neighbors probably didn't appreciate the screaming so early on a Sunday morning. But I just couldn't muster getting up from off my pillows.

I do love it when our babes use those adorable imaginations though.

Painting was next on their list of things to do today.
They helped themselves to that project as well. Gemma so sweetly sharing and helping Brynlee. 
Bubba screaming and getting upset because he wanted Brynlee to just leave them alone.
It was quite the scene that caused paint water to spill all over the floor.
To his luck, my migraine was finally subsiding....

Everyone was so hangry and so I broke the sabbath and we drove to McDonalds. I know, I know, I know..........
Then the rest of the afternoon/ evening was spent watching Antz, James and the Giant Peach, My little Pony, Hunny We Shrunk Ourselves, etc.

The best part of my day was this. 
Welcome home Mr. S!

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