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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Letter to Mr. S

My darling dearest,

Today has found me very impatient and graciously gifted me a migraine.
I prayed extra hard this morning that I'd do better today but it seems without fail, I allowed myself to be defeated.
I keep looking at this picture you text me and it's so refreshing. 
For a brief moment in my crazy day, I feel peace. I could use a view like this for a few days.
Im just a little jealous of all your adventures. But, im also so proud of you.

As usual, Vance has tried me to tears. 
But this evening, when i asked for a little help because of my migraine, he let me lay my head in his lap while he stroked my hair and rested his arm around my shoulder. 
I loved it. And it helped immensely. 
I've been asking Heavenly Father to help me be in tune with his little spirit's needs. 
Its been difficult. 
But I'm having faith that he and I will have a break through. 
Pray and have faith with me. Odds are more in our favor if there's two of us, right? ;)

Gemma has been a sweetheart and very helpful.
After prayer and scripture study this morning, she proudly announced that she was going to choose to be kind today.
And for the most part, she has.
I've seen her do her best and make that extra effort. 
As her mom, I was beaming.

Brynlee, well, she's been Brynlee. And I love her.

I always miss you terribly. Your extra set of hands are always so helpful.
When you get back, please take us on a refreshing and peaceful adventure. We all desperately need one.

Enjoy that Himalayan dinner tonight.

Your Wifey 

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