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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Letter to Mr. S #3

Mr. S,

I stood up my hot dates from last night. As you can see.
Dont worry. Dishes are done.
Laundry still looks exactly like the picture. And I may or may not still have 2 more baskets to fold.
Why am I so impossible!

Brynlee came strolling on in from the back yard today and tossed a FLYING COCKROACH right into my lap!
Our neighbors heard me scream like a little baby. Brynlee just stared at me in confusion.
And I yelled and yelled at Bubba to take it outside and toss it over the wall.
 After it was good and DEAD, of course.
We need new bug guys STAT.

We had a lot of rain late last night which left it chilly most of the morning.
The kids loved it though. Bubba put his swim suit on to jump on the wet trampoline.
Their neighbor friends were on their tramp doing the same thing.
Later on this morning, they were all chit chatting on the wall and I had to keep convincing the neighbor kids to NOT give the half dead mouse to Bubba that their cat had caught.

And it was only inevitable because of the rain, that both Brynlee and Bubba would end up completely muddy. So, I had the pleasure of hosing them down, stripping them naked and chasing them up the stairs to the warm bath.
To be a kid again....I wish I could remember my childhood a little better.
I hope when they are older, they will be able to look back and smile about a magical and hilarious childhood.
Like when their mom let them scooter inside the house.
(That stink face, though!)

Once again I have procrastinated my sunday school lesson. And my punishment is a migraine.
Not surprising.

Talking with you earlier, you sounded so happy. It made me happy. And I can't wait to see that scruffy face I love so much.
The kids can't wait either.
They have a big itch to go back out to the "desert". As do I.

I love you.

your baby mama

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