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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First day of School

You guys! I have a Kindergartener.....
AND and pre-schooler!!!

I got a headache on Gemma's first day trying to hold back from sobbing everywhere in front of everyone.

Im grateful she got into this school. Praying for a successful and happy school year for my Gem.

Walking in line with her class to flag ceremony.

Sending my babe off into the big scary world. (Or so it feels.)

Vance has Pre-K twice a week and unfortunately, I have an hour to kill between drop offs. (It's killing me because it's not worth the commute back home and then back out again.)

So we sat in the CVS parking lot and shared cupcakes on his very first day of school!

His back pack kills me!

That very fake lizard gets me every time. Just sits right outside the class room door.

So proud of my kids who are growing up WAY to fast.

Been pondering a lot lately the things as their mother I should teach them. I believe the greater influence  comes from the home if you let it.