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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Beginning of Forever

Vance and I were introduced by good friends of ours, Rachel and Zach. I remember it so clearly too because when I first saw him, I immediately fell in love with his smile! He was very well dressed let me tell ya! We saw each other every once and a while because of Zach and Rachel and then finally, Vance made the call and asked me on a date. I had so much fun! We did dinner at Mimie's and enjoyed a game of mini golf, which we determined that it was to dangerous to let me play. Things kind of ended early for the date, but Vance insisted on holding me captive in his truck and we drove around Phoenix all night just talking and having fun. We went out a couple more times as casual people getting to know each other and it started to grow into love. Now Juli, you might like to here this if you remember! It was New Years Eve and I ditched a friend to go babysit Vance's little niece with him out in Coolidge. I was super nervous to go because a few months before, Vance had wanted to make things a little more serious and I turned him down. (I'm so awful) But I went because my heart had started to change and I wanted to see where things could go. As it turned out, that entire night of watching movies, talking, sleeping, and talking some more, I didn't want to be away from him. I wanted more. The next week, I had to babysit for my boss and so I got brave and called up Vance. He ditched his good friend Wes to be with me that night and I hope he thought it was worth it. I had decided that night I wanted to tell him how I was feeling about him. So, at 1am when my boss finally got home, I drove Vance back to his apartment. And here's the kicker! Juli, I hope you read this! As I parked and we sat there for a short while, he asks me "I bought some new bed sheets do you want to come up and see them?" We both started laughing and of course I started making fun of what he had just said. I did in fact go up to his apartment because I had to tell him my feelings. Once we got up there, I think he already new I had something to say because he looked at me, smiled and said "Is there anything you want to tell me?" I couldn't help but smile at him, blush, and tell him that I really really liked him! I will never forget his face! He had the biggest smile and he grabbed me and pulled me in close to him and just held me tight. It was the greatest feeling ever! And I knew there was something special about us meeting because I had never felt that way about someone before. Well, things took off from there and before I knew it, I was sitting in his car late one night as he leaned in towards me and in a soft voice said "Heather Winsor, will you be my wife?" No joke, those words literaly took my breath away and I said "Yes!" We married on April 14, 2006 just 2 months after the proposal. We now have been married just over 2 years and are expecting our first baby! (It's a girl by the way) Time sure has gone by so fast and from what I hear it just keeps getting faster.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where I Began...

As I was going through some old pictures, it couldn't help but bring back old memories. My parents are some of the GREATEST people I know and continue to be inspiring to me and my little family! I sure love them!
They have raised me well! That it's okay to cry, laugh, be mad but to always remember where i come from, my Heavenly Father! I can't complain. My parents have always made sure I have the things I need, even to this day! But lets not forget the brothers and sister that made life a challange and so much fun! I am the oldest. They helped me mature and enjoy life. They were and are the comic relief when things get hard. And I love them!