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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

gazelle intensity

Anyone who has read or knows of Dave Ramsey, knows what I mean by "gazelle intensity". For most of his graduates he talkes about, I'm probably not as "intense" as them but I'm learning and am more intense then I ever have been.

I love numbers and math so I obviously LOVE handling our finances. Sometimes though, ever since I've started putting into affect Dave's tactics, I find myself stressing out because I wanna get out of debt faster then I can.

Just yesterday, however, I was going over our accounts and noticed a monthly payment we make of $200 was only like $186. My heart kind of almost stopped when I realized what this meant. That's right folks, I just gained an extra $200 a month because im done paying on a camper we took a loan out on!!!!! So, since January of this year when I made a resolution to get out of debt I have managed to pay off one credit card, a loan AND I have smaller truck payments because we decided to trade in our vehicle!

My snowball is starting to get a little bigger and role a little faster and I'm nearly giddy with excitement about it all! I still have a long list of debts to take care of but now that Vance and I have been able to take control of where our money goes, it's been almost freeing. It's been hard though. We've had our little moments of weakness. Luckily, we're both in this together so we help motivate each other. You've gotta get in the right mind set and JUST DO IT!

Doing what we've been asked to do and avoid by the church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) has been such a blessing. We have been able to stick to our plan and still take care of the needs of our family and then some.

Now, if only I could stick to a healthy eating plan.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Meet Moses. A hairless rat with the ugliest behind you'll ever see but, I think he's abselutely darling. I'm tempted to get one myself. This here is my cousin Banner's new joy in life and he is the sweetes thing. He doesn't bite and loves to cuddle. (Not Banner, the rat though I'm sure he doesn't bite and loves to cuddle just the same.)

I was quite surprised to find that Gemma was ecstatic to play and love on Moses. She kept calling him the doggy and couldn't get enough!