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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Wedding, A reception, and Everything In Between

This past week I've been up in Blanding, Ut for my younger brother, Rick's, wedding. I can't believe it! It's so strange having him being a husband and doing all the things a husband does. But, congratulations to him and his new wifey Ashlie!
They were married in the beautiful Monticello temple on Wednesday morning and later that evening, had a wonderful wedding dinner hosted by my parents. It was at the park and it was great food! My parents sure can cook. Unfortunately, that gene was not passed down to me. Vance suffers some times.
They didn't have there reception until Saturday, but all the between stuff was a lot of fun. Family that I don't see very often that couldn't make it to the wedding were showing up for the reception. My brother Thomas who plays varsity football his senior year had a game. My sister Mykin and I went since I've never seen him play before. It was a total blast! It reminded me of my high school days and I sooooooo miss it! I kind of felt a little old which is something I never want to feel. "Go #76!"

Gemma of course had a ton of fun with her Uncle Thomas jammin out with my guitar. They created nick names for each other. Or should I say Thomas did. And they are, Uncle T and Lil' G. But lets not forget about Gpa Winsor and the horsies! Gemma loves animals. (Well, she loves anything that moves.) But the horses got her attention pretty quickly. Cup is the kindest horse you'll ever find and he enjoyed the attention quit a bit. But when you're having too much fun it will ware you out.
Finally it was reception time! My mom and Grandma slaved over the brides maids skirts which turned out so stink'n cute! Gemma's dress was darling which was also put together by them as well. So talented!
All in all, it was a pretty great week filled with friends and family. Now that it's over, it's time to head home and back to the old mundane life.

Friday, September 11, 2009

"I Caught One!"

Vance was able to take a minute and meet up with Gemma and I while we had a little lunch at the park. It's always fun to see Vance while he's working! I like me a man in uniform!

Lemons Yum Yum!

The first time we gave Gemma a lemon, we were hoping for a really great reaction. We didn't get it. It didn't really faze her one bit. So, every time we go out to eat, she gets our lemons from our waters and goes to town on them. She'll get that shiver reaction but not all that often.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Drive to the Lake

We love taking a drive to the lake that's around where we live. It's a beautiful drive that takes us about an hour.
Along the way, there are some amazing views and beautiful wild flowers scattered through out.
The destination is well worth the drive. There's the beautiful cool water and our dog Grizzy who makes us laugh at her excitement of water. We enjoy the scenery as we go on little walks around the lake. It's very relaxing and a great way to spend time together when your trying to save the "green".


On Vance's days off, he usually does something active whether its mountain biking with his buddy Allred or playing tennis with Martinez. (I only know last names because that's what they go by at work) On this day I decided to go watch Vance play so Gemma could get out of the house. We really are cooped up most of the time sadly. It was a perfect morning to be outside! Not to mention watching 2 goofy guys play tennis.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Victoria's "little" Secret

I'm not sure how appropriate this really is but it was too funny.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A whole lot of shinanigans

I miss the Phoenix area a great deal because that's where I did my growing up. So, whenever Vance has more than 3 days off, we usually head up there and enjoy the city life. This time around, Vance had a camping trip planned with his best friend Larry. I of course now had to figure out what my plans were going to be since all my friends work most of the day. Not having a whole lot of money, I was a bit limited. Well, I did what I always do when I have nothing else to do. I took Gemma to Freestone Park to play in the grass since we're lacking that down on the boarder. It didn't last very long due to the fact that it was miserably HOT! So, we quickly took off to Chandler Mall where we walked around and me wishing I could shop the place empty.
Once Vance's camping trip came to an end, we went out on a little family date and then hit the pool later that night. Sadly, Vance had to go home the next morning and I stayed to go to the Heaton Family Reunion. Gemma and I had so much fun. The weather was perfect and the sleeping corters were just as good. Every 2 years is my moms family reunion up at the Heaton Ranch in Kanab, Ut. It's abselutely gorgeous!There are two large ponds and it is tradition that eventually during your stay, you will be throne in. This year, the first person to be throne in and to crisson the new deck was one of my great great aunts who is in her 80's I believe and has one leg. I don't think she put up a fight. What a sport!
On the ride up, my cousin Joanna drove
so while Gemma ate her toes I slept. Something I don't do very often anymore. :(Gemma enjoyed the dirt and the feel of the grass between her toes. Oh, and lets not forget the swings. Once Grandma and Grandpa Winsor showed, she was snatched right out of my arms. I have to be honest, I was happy for that. My arms need a break every now and again. Along with them came my sister Mykin and brother Thomas. (he's the one in the blue hat)There was also a secret surprise! A huge sucker just for Gemma! She was pretty exstatic by the whole thing. That sucker became her best friend. It slept with her and rolled around in the dirt with her. And no matter how dirty it got, it was still Gemma's #1 friend.Unfortunitly, at the end of the trip, I enjoyed Mr. Sucker too.Towards the end of our trip, I took Gemma to the Kanab water park. (yes, that's right, a water park in Kanab.) She loves water but hasn't really gotten the chance to really play in it. She loved it and the water was freezing but it didn't faze her one bit. Her mother on the other hand had to suck it up.

On our way back to the ranch, we stopped to see the elk farm. I kind of feel bad for these guys.

All fun trips have to come to an end and i was missing Vance terribly. So Gemma and I said our goodby's and headed out on a long trip home.

"I Love You Wisconsin!"

We enjoyed our little vacation with family! But I have to say that I'm not a big fan of humidity and my skin agrees with me. However, the company was GREAT! It was about time Vance showed me his old stopping grounds. There were many stories to be told that's for sure. I could tell Vance misses it up there. A big thanks to G'ma and G'pa and all my little sis in-laws for being babysitters as Vance and I drove around town and then some. I really had a great time!