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Saturday, October 16, 2010

G's first birthday invite

Gemma had a blast at her friend Jack's birthday party. It was halloween themed and costumes were optional but recommended. G went dressed up as a darling little bellerina. It made me want to get her signed up for dance class she was so stink'n cute!

Gemma and her friend Mackenzie. They are only a month apart and both their brothers are a day apart. No, Kelli and I did not plan it this way. It was in the stars I guess. :)

My sweet angel was anything but at the end of the party. Playing hard and no nap will do that to ya. But she had a blast and so did her mommy!


mommyx12 said...

What a perfect little angel. I miss her so much. Kisses coming your way Miss Gemma.

mindy said...

she is SO stinkin cute. both yer kids are ADORABLE!!!!
oh... and you'll have to ask traci about the header!!! :)

Lorel said...

Grandma's little angel girl for sure. I just love seeing her with friends. I want a copy of the last picture, she is so dang cute with those rosey cheeks and big smile. I want that one on my wall.

Grandma loves you best lil G.