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Friday, January 29, 2010

Working Towards a Better Me

I mentioned a little while ago my goals for this new year and that I would hold myself accountable by posting about my progress. I know it's not of interest to most of you if not all of you, but I do this to better myself.
Well, I haven't done nearly as good as I would have hoped. I've realized that I can be lazy about some things and I find it to be a discouraging trait I'm trying to break. I keep telling myself to bite the bullet and "JUST DO IT", but it's proving itself to be more difficult than I'd thought. Or is it? I've decided that it's not "difficult", but a matter of breaking the bad habits and creating positive new ones. I look at my sister inlaw, Juli, and see a woman who has it ALL together. She may read this and disagree, but with being a wife and mother of 2, she has succeeded in balancing her life which means having a happy and fulfilling one, right?. If you don't believe me, check out her blog. It speaks for itself. (sorry Juli, didn't mean to put you on the spot.)
So, ultimately this is my goal. To achieve a fulfilling balance in my life and the life of my family that is examplified in the life's of my mother (and mother inlaw), Juli, my aunt Millie, just to name a few.
Not to bore anyone, but to help me stay on track I need to remember what that big long list of goals were. 9 out of 28 goals I'm slowly excelling in. That's pretty good right?
*have a healthy baby boy- so far so good!
*have more patience- sometimes a struggle but not to shabby
*be more organized
*read my scriptures
*pray (personally and as a family)
*start some hobbies
*read sunday lessons before church so I can be more edified
*call family more often
*watch what I say- occasional slip ups but so far so good
*spend more time with my kids- not to bad
*spend less time on computer and tv
*eat better (for myself and family)
*have FHE
*take personal time outs
*plan family outings
*make some girlfriends- work in progress, thanks Sunny, Briane, Sara, Camillee
*pay off credit cards
*start a savings
* stop being lazy
*be more aware of the spirit
*count my blessings
*communicate better
*be more understanding- i think i am most of the time. maybe we should ask Vance
*be more compassionate- i believe i am
*be more loving- again, i sure hope i am
*be more positive- doing much better most of the time
*get back to school
*learn new and yummy recipes

To help accomplish my "count my blessings" goal, I've decided to blog one blessing or one thing I'm greatful for at the end of every post. I'll call it, Counted Blessings.

Counted Blessings:

#1- Gemma Lorel Smith! She brings a light and a joy to our lives that I can't do without and I thank my Heavenly Father for trusting me with such a perfect little spirit.


mommyx12 said...

Heather you are doing great and will continue to do so. A wonderful young mama like you can't help but be on top of things. You and Juli both amaze me. Love you

Rachel McKendrick said...

Heather! You are doing great! I know that I can change all of these things in life. Being perfect is hard. Look up Mosiah 4:27 and D&C 10:4. (That can be your scripture reading for the day!) These scriptures help me when I feel discouraged. Miss ya!

Ps. I totally agree with you about Julie

Juli said...

Heather you are MUCH too kind! You amaze me! I always tell people about your contagious optimism and your lovely outlook on life. Your spirit is so sweet and catching. Vance is SO lucky that he snagged you (and I PROMISE, I'm not just saying that!).

Heather said...

Thanks Ladies! I think I've just been given a boost of confidence to try even harder. Really though, Juli, U R PERFECT!

Lorel said...

Sis, you are doing a great job! Listen to those that have commented, they are right. One thing I know for sure is that you are one of the most understanding people I know. You have also perfected the are of selflessness. I know that there are things that you really want to do but you make sure that Vance has what he wants first. Sacrificing yourself for the sake of your family. You too, are one very compassionate young lady and your ability to forgive is to be commended. If you try to much harder you will be completely perfect.

Gemma is one lucky girl to have you as her mother and Vance is blessed to have you as his wife.;)

I sure love you.

Anonymous said...

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Thumbs up, and keep it going!