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Monday, January 11, 2010


The New Year brings a new start to your life if you choose and sometimes it's not the new year that brings this internal change. It can happen at anytime in someone's life. Once the New Year came I made personal resolutions to keep in my head and GUESS what?! I have done NONE of them! So, it seems that if I post about them I'm held a little more accountable for them in a way. I'll see if this works and try to keep a "blog documentation" (so to speak) of my growth as a woman, mother, wife, daughter, and human being.

Heather's 2010 goals:
-have a healthy baby
-have more patience
-be more organized
-read scriptures
-pray (personally and as a family)
-start some hobbies
-read sunday lessons before church so I can be more edified
-call family more often
-watch what I say
-spend more time with my kids
-spend less time on computer and TV
-eat better (for myself and whole family)
-have FHE
-take personal time out's so I don't go CRAZY
-plan family outings/activities
-make some girlfriends
-pay off credit cards
-start a savings
-stop being lazy
-be more aware of the spirit
-count my blessings
-communicate better
-be more understanding
-be more compassionate
-be more loveing
-be more positive
-apply for grants and be enrolled and ready for the 2011 college school year
-learn to cook new and yummy recipes
I think I might have bit off a little more than I can chew but there is a saying I learned in RS a few years ago and they gave us a wood block with this moto, "JUST DO IT". I will try my darndest to live by this moto and not find any excuses. Wish me luck!


mommyx12 said...

I'm passing along a blog reward for you Heather. Drop by and pick it up.

Missy said...

Good for you Heather! It's great that you have so many goals to work towards. I haven't taken the time to sit down and write mine out, but they are in my head for now. Good luck! You can do it!

Juli said...

Hey! Did you guys get the internet? It seems that you are been posting more often. I'm glad 'cause I love to see how you guys are! Thank you so much for adding my button!

ed and kelli said...

i love your goals! pretty sure i could benefit from doing each of them as well:) glad you live down in douglas now!