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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A shattered window kind of day

Today started out good. I was really tired to get up this morning but what mother isn't. Vance had his yearly cardiologist visit which I was really looking forward too. His doctors are wonderful. His heart is looking fabulous, minus a little back flow that causes his heart to murmur, but that's nothing new and isn't anything to worry over. Not to brag or anything, but Vance's doctors say he's a real success story and they always refer to his case in meetings. Makes this momma feel good. :)

Waiting to see Dr. Macias 

We had a great doctors visit and we headed home to spend the rest of the day with Mr. S and Gemma. 


Mr. S asked me to stop by the Chevron near our house to pick him up some orange Rockstars (his favorite). I parked, got out, opened Vance's door, put my purse with everything in it down, hit the lock button, closed my door, turned to get Vance out of his carseat and it happened. His door shot. I ran around our 4 door chevy and checked every door to see if one would open. 

I panicked. My heart started racing and I totally freaked. I had no phone. It was hot. I ran to the nearest person and asked if he had a jimmy. No luck but he had his cell. I didn't know what to do and the good semaritan suggested I call 911. So I did. (though hindsight proves that it was unnecessary, but I'll get to that.)

It took a little while for the firetruck to arrive but when it did, everyone knew it. It came blaring down the road it's horn a honk'n and sirens blaring. I was so emabarrased and thought, "wow, those sirens and horns are totally unnecessary. The lights, understandable". Vance was doing just fine but he had been sitting in a dead truck in the desert for about 10 minutes. I would tap on the window and talk to him and he would just laugh and smile like he couldn't hear a word I said. 

2 firemen, one on each side of my truck jimmied and wedged my doors to try and unlock the blasted thing. 2 to 5 minutes later, one fireman said it was time to break a window and asked which one I wanted broken. I sighed and thought, "Mr. S is gonna kill me."  I picked the front passenger side window, stood back, and just held my breath. I couldn't believe this had to happen...... The window was broken. All 4 doors were unlocked and Vance just thought that this was probably the coolest thing in the world.

We thanked the Firemen for the help and walked on into the gas station to pick up those darn rockstars and a sucker for Vance and Gemma.

I put Vance into his carseat and climbed into my windowless truck, took a deep breath and called Mr. S. My first words were, "Don't be mad." (bad choice of words I'm sure). I explained what happened and he was a little upset, understandably so. We hung up and I started the truck to head home. Mr. S called back. I answered. He said, "Why didn't you call me before?" I replied, "I dont know. I panicked in the moment." 

To wrap up and get to the hindsight of things, Mr. S was 2 minutes away at home with an extra set of keys! Hence the reason why he called me back. Why I didn't think of that, I don't know. Needless to say, Vance is perfectly fine. Mr. S and I just role our eyes and laugh and are just thankful that insurance   will cover the replacement. 

Here's to hoping for another less eventful day.


Kelli Marshall said...

Oh heather. That sucks. And let's be honest, in a panic situation you just do the first thing that comes to mind...even if your hubby is down the road;)

mommyx12 said...

Such a blessing for LIttle Vance. So glad to hear he is doing so well. Sorry about the window. Vance told dad last night. Bummer, I've done the same thing. Locked Robyn in the car once and she was stuck in her car seat. A very sad little girl.