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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Took the kids to the park just around the corner yesterday since the weather is finally cooling down. Hearing about all the fall changes happening in places that have all 4 seasons, makes me a little jealous and kind of really hate the desert. Though I love Arizona. I really do. I consider it my home town, just not the Tucson area. Still getting used to the fact that this is probably where I'll be FOREVER. (ok, so a little dramatic.) 

My kids behaved wonderfully. I didn't have to chase them down when it was time to go. That in and of it's self is amazing. Oh but don't you worry. They weren't perfect little angels for long. Went to the grocery store after, and they fought and screamed the entire time. People stared. OH they stared. Made me want to squirt them in the face with a water bottle. Honestly, if they think they can do it better, please, I'd like to see it.

Looking at these pictures though, makes all the screaming and tantrums not even matter.

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