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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advice and the Ellen Show

I have stopped giving Gemma formula and in place I give her whole milk. And she only gets her bottle during nap time and bed time which adds up to be only 2 or 3 bottles a day. However, I'm having troubles getting her to eat solid foods such as hot dogs, steamed veggies, fruits, etc. She eats crackers and baby food from a jar just fine but I don't quit understand why she wont eat the big girl foods. I need help! Is this normal? I feel sometimes that I'm starving her but I just don't know how to get her to eat! I even tried drenching her veggies in butter with some salt to give it more flavor but she's being quit the stubbern one. I need some more experienced motherly advice!!


Vance has been dieing to open up one of his xmas gifts so I finally gave in in exchange he tell me what he's getting me for my birthday. He's been giving me hints and clues and telling me that I'll never guess it. He was right! I never would have guessed this in a million years! He's sending me to the ELLEN SHOW!!!! I watch her nearly everyday she just makes my day she's so funny! It's really the only show that makes me crack up laughing out loud. Vance just looks at me and rolls his eyes. He doesn't quit get why I like her so much. I have always thought that it would be fun to go to one of her shows but never actively tried to go. It was always just a thought. I am abselutely THRILLED with this gift and can't THANK my husband enough!! Especially since he'll have Gemma for at least 3 days while I have some FUN in the great state of CALI!!! WooHoo!!!!!!


Amy Juhasz said...

First of all, I am SO SO SO jealous you are going to an Ellen Show! I LOVE Ellen. After I had Payton I started watching her show. I try to catch everytime now during Payton's nap time, sadly I miss more than I want :(

About the foods, Payton has always been a piggy so I can't give any firsthand advice, but I'd say just keep trying to introduce new things, especially meats. Have you tried stuff like yogurt and cottage cheese, those might fill her more than just baby food if you are worried she's not getting enough calories.

Good luck, I have a friend with a little girl and she used to be the pickiest eater. It wasn't until around 18 months that she got over a lot of the pickiness.

mommyx12 said...
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mommyx12 said...

sorry about that. I'll call you about Gemma. I have some ideas. love you

Juli said...

Yay for you Heather! That is SO great! Ellen is the funniest! I love her show too!

Amy Juhasz said...

Hey! About the orders, sorry to leave you so curious! :)...I have an etsy shop online where I sell tutus, hair bows, headbands and a few other things that I make.

Here's the website: