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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Gemma turns 6

Gemma turned 6! And it was her golden birthday, 1/6/09! I kept it very simple and inexpensive and it turned out very cute. Gemma loved it and that's all that counts right?

The straws and bottles I ordered online at the darling . I definitely recommend checking it out for your party needs. Its adorable!

The banner I made out of coffee filters and watercolor paint. Easy right?! And everything else was  purchased at Wal-Mart.

I got the watercolors and the watercolor paper at Target on sale. It ended up being cheaper than Amazon. Woohoo!

Let the party begin!

I wanted a very easy and inexpensive party. The only activity was painting, then cake and ice-cream, and presents at the end. For the take home goodies, I had empty gift bags for the kids to put their watercolor paint and artwork and a handful of Dum Dums in. And that was it. Quick, easy and I didn't lose my mind. ;)

Since her party ended up being on the last day of January, she got her gifts from me and the Grandparents on the day of her birthday. 

These two cuties are exactly a month apart and have been friends since shortly after the big ONE.

Thanks to all the cute kids for making Gemma's party a BIG hit!

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