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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Songs from the Heart

The other day my brother Thomas was telling me about his girlfriend Maquel and how they made cd's for each other with songs that let each other know how they felt about one another. A light bulb shined bright over my head and I decided that, as a surprise for Vance, I would do the same thing. (Thanks lil brother!) So, late last night I got it all put together and titled it "Always on My Mind". Vance has been feeling pretty bad about his best friend Oakly he's been missing and I can't be there for him so he'll be getting a surprise in the mail of how much I love him. I think he'll like it since I haven't done something like this before.
It feels pretty good to do something for someone else in a surprise kind of way that I wish I did it more often. Hense, this is now one of my new goals, (as if I have many), to be selfless and more aware of the needs of others.


Juli said...

Cute! He'll love it! And you are very aware of the needs of others otherwise it would be very nearly impossible to be married to Vance (he is very needy)!!

Heather said...

That's funny! He is pretty needy.