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Friday, December 30, 2011

merry christmas and happy new year!

So much has been going on this past month that I have had no time for much of anything. In fact its about to get a bit more crazy because we are moving today in our new house! I honestly cant wait for this next week to be over.
I know its a bit of a picture overload but like i said, much has happened.

We spent an entire month up in Utah since we we've been a little homeless waiting to close on our house.
Heres what we did:
Saw santa with fireworks and snow!

Did a lot of playing in the snow.

Caught a lizard right before naptime so he would't fall on our faces.

Gave some love'n to Cup and Skittles.

Did lots of eating.

and reading

and of course my favorite, sleeping.

more playing!

Yes, she's pantless. She refused to wear pants.

Helped G'ma stoke fires.

Um well, all I can say is, He's a pig.

Got a little muddy which once he realized he was dirty, he was pretty sad about it.

Did some crying

And some love'n

Headed further North and did LOTS of shopping.

More eating!

Finally Christmas! Every 3 years my family, aunts, uncles, cousins, all get together and have a BIG but simple Christmas. This year we held it at a warehouse. Lots of fun but really dirty.

Vance arrived to spend the rest of the holiday with us and take us bake home to Tucson. It was a fun surprise too since he arrived earlier than he had said.



Juli said...

love all the pictures! your kids are so cute!

Kaydee and Emma said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! We love you guys so much.

mindy said...

how fun! your kids are gorgeous! & i LOVE your black & white striped skirt- love that outfit!